1/76 London Fire Brigade 150th Ann (6pc)

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Oxford - 1/76 6 Pieces Set 150 Years Of London Fire Appliances

150 Years of London Fire Appliances.
Six iconic fire appliances from across the years make up this 6-piece set celebrating 150 years of their use by the London Fire Brigade. Each model is already part of the Oxford range and appears in this set with subtle differences.

31A. Bedford Heavy Unit – London Fire Brigade.
The long wheelbase Bedford Heavy Unit dates back to the late 1930s and served as a fire appliance during WWII particularly. Our model, decorated in bright red, was used by the London Fire Brigade from the 1940s onwards. Registered FLE 296, the Brigade's colourful crest is printed on each side of the cabin behind the windows and the LCC London Fire Brigade lettering is printed in gold on the red generator in the rear section of the vehicle. With a red interior and black seating, additional detail includes the rolled up ‘canvas back' positioned at the rear of the cabin. Externally, there is a wealth of black and silver masking, which also includes the silver masked hose ends and white tips to the roof ladders.

31B Leyland TLM – London Fire Brigade
This classic fire appliance was a popular choice by fire brigades in the years leading up to WWII and some were still in use until the mid 1960s. Our model comprises the Leyland TLM/Metz, complete with its 104 ft silvered turntable ladder, registered DGJ 309, Fleet No. 72. Decorated in red with the ladder wheel mounting component also in the main body colour, the London Fire Brigade lettering is printed in gold on the outer edge of the silver walkway. Fine gold coachlines have also been applied to the sides and the wheel mounting. The chassis, mudguards, radiator grille, headlight casings and model interior are black with all remaining masking detail finished in silver.

31C AEC Regent III/Merryweather Fire Engine – London Fire Brigade
Between 1950 and 1956, 139 Merryweathers were built on AEC Regent chassis, 111 of which were dual purpose fire engines equipped to carry wheeled escapes for fighting large fires. This is the version we chose when tooling up this Oxford model. As brigades often bought both versions together, we've also given you the option to display both by enclosing the spare extension ladders.
(Lyndon – this last sentence I recalled from reviewing the model a long time ago, so is the spare piece still an option in this set?)
Registered MXB 128, Fleet No. 4, there is a lot of added decorative detail on this bright red model. Apart from a mass of silver and black masking, the ladders are also painted in the main body colour, the hoses are given a copper brown finish and the mid roof area is mid brown. The Brigade's crest and lettering along with its vehicle number 4 are all printed on the sides of the main bodywork.

31D Dennis F8 – London Fire Brigade
The Dennis F8 belongs to the 1950s era at a time when the famous coachbuilder's vehicles dominated the fire emergency scene. Today, it remains one of only a few manufacturers specialising in fire-fighting machinery.

Our model is registered 42 CMX, Fleet No. G31 and comes with silver bodywork and red front, which incorporates the Dennis name in silver/black on the radiator grille. The multi-coloured London Fire Brigade crest is printed on the side along with the Brigade lettering in gold. Note too, the spare set of extensions ladders on the roof, coloured in light stone.

31E Dennis F106 Rear Pump – London Fire Brigade
The Dennis F106 was produced between 1963 and 1968, during which time only 99 vehicles were built. Our latest release is based on the rear pump vehicle Fleet No B23 and registered JYE 300D. Special features include the detailed winding mechanism on the roof and white tips to the roof ladders. The London Fire Brigade crest is emblazoned on the side lockers on both sides and the many fine masking operations in silver and black all create a wealth of detail on the vehicle. Finally, the model comes with spare extension ladders.

31F AEC Mercury TL – London Fire Brigade
The AEC Mercury Turntable Ladder dates from the 1950s and 1960s and nearly 200 were built from its original launch in 1957 to the end of production in the late 1960s, with over half being supplied with Merryweather 100 ft ladders.

This particular model is registered 2600 MV, Fleet No. J25 and is painted in silver grey with red to the roof, flat front and ladder holders. The extensive ‘aluminium' ladder extends along the length of the apparatus and beyond the cab at the front. Additional detail includes silver spotlights and bumpers, with searchlights and bells given a chrome finish.

- Scale: 1/76
- Detailed interior, exterior
- Detailed rotating wheels with real rubber tires
- Oxford Diecast may have some plastic or metal parts
- This model is part of Oxford collection
- An Accurate Scale Model and replica
- Features highly detailed paintwork
- Not a toy, suitable for age 14+

Brand Oxford

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