Alclad II Alclad Airbrush Cleaner 4oz



Alclad II - ALC307 Airbrush Cleaner 4oz

Application guide- plastic models:
- For use on injection plastic kits a primer is necessary. ‘Regular ALCLAD’ is similar in strength to lacquer/cellulose car paints-injected polystyrene plastics frequently have areas which ALCLAD can craze. High-Shine ALCLAD finishes require a glossy base coat.

Preparation and spraying:
-The surfaces to be painted must be thoroughly clean and free from dust,grease,oil and finger marks.
- Apply the correct primer for the type of Alclad being used.
- ALCLAD should be sprayed at 12-15psi. Spray from a distance of 2-3 inches from the surface being painted using a narrow to medium width spray fan. Use the airbrush like a paint brush-aim to cover the model in a methodical manner.
- Buffing is not necessary-tonal variation can be made by polishing selected panels with Micromesh.
- REGULAR ALCLAD can be masked over and painted. Decal solutions can be used with REGULAR ALCLAD, but are not recommended for HIGH SHINE ALCLAD
- The PRISMATIC finishes require a dark base coat-use ALCLAD GLOSS BLACK BASE. Apply 2-3 light coats. When completely dry finish with 2-3 coats of ALCLAD CLEAR BASE. ALCLAD HOLOMATIC SPECTRAL CHROME should be applied over ALCLAD GLOSS BLACK BASE. Apply 1-2 light coats. When completely dry finish with 2-3 coats of WATER BASED CLEAR.

- Bright Silver Candy Base:
Shake thoroughly before use. Do not thin. Surfaces must be completely clean. Apply 1 medium coat at 20-30PSI to clean bare plastic. Dry time 15-30 minutes. As the carrier evaporates the shine will develop. Allow to cure for 1 hour before coating with Alclad Candy Enamels. Avoid using in excessively damp or humid conditions.Finger marks on the bare plastic will appear in the final finish.

Candy Enamel top coats:
- Shake thoroughly before use. Do not thin. Apply over Aclclad Bright Silver Candy Base. Spray light coat at 20-25PSI. Wait 5 minutes. Apply further even coasts. Allow 5 minutes between each coat. Leave to cure for 2 hours before handling.

Application guide lexan/polycarbonate car body shells:
- The surface must be thoroughly cleaned-remove release agent,adhesive residue and finger marks.
- Regular ALCLAD - apply 2-3 light coats back with any R/C paint
- High shine ALCLAD - apply 2-3 light coats back with black or silver
- Apply 2-3 light coats of PRISMATIC or HOLOMATIC SPECTRAL CHROME to the inside of a clean body shell. Allow to dry thoroughly then back with black or silver WATER BASED PAINT.

Barcode # 853328003075
Brand Alclad II

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