Clementoni Mechanics Laboratory: Electric Motor

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Clementoni - Mechanics Laboratory with Electric Motor

The set “Big Laboratory of Mechanics” will help to study in detail the principles of mechanics and technology. Thanks to more than 250 details, the child will create up to 50 complex models and feel like a real engineer! He will build a helicopter, a powerful crane and even a car with an electric motor, gearbox and steering. Illustrated scientific guides will help in the installation steps.

Scientific sets called Mechanics Laboratory are not only designers, but above all rich laboratories that allow children aged 7–8 years to learn the principles of mechanics and physics.

Thanks to the illustrated guidelines describing the assembly phases, the child will build complex machines and understand how the individual components are applied in real life. What is a lever? What is it used for? Where does it occur in everyday life? Let's find out with the Science & Technology Play sets.

The Clementoni Mechanics Laboratory line is based on the STEM educational methodology that helps children develop critical thinking and solve problems through the study and practical application of science, engineering, engineering and mathematics.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) is an acronym born in the United States, its goal is to provide students with the skills, knowledge and experience so that they can solve the technological problems of the future!

- An extremely well-equipped laboratory where the principles of mechanics and engineering can be learned in an entertaining way.
- The game contains more than 250 components with which 50 constructions of increasing complexity can be created.
- It is even possible to build a helicopter, a motorised crane and a car with an electric engine in which a child can move the gear stick and steering wheel!
- The large illustrated scientific manuals will guide the child through the various stages of assembly, which can done in complete safety.
- The concept, design, development and manufacture are entirely Made In Italy!

SKU CLE75008
Brand Clementoni

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