Emhar 1/72 Tadpole WWI Tank

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Emhar - 1/72 WWI Tadpole Tank

The English word ‘Tank’ comes from the code word (water tanks) used to describe these vehicles when first introduced. The MkIV was the most widely used version in WWI, especially in the battle of Cambrai in 1917.
These vehicles used no turret, their armament being carries in side sponsors. The “male” had two 6 pounder cannon and machine guns, while the “female” tank had only machine gun armament.

The MkIV used half inch (12mm) armour, an external armored fuel tank and an improved exhaust system. Unditching rails were added to help extricate the tank from the mud. Approximately 1,200 Mk IV tanks were built of which two thirds were “Female” and one third were “Male”. A number of these were captured by the Germans, who repainted them and used them against the allies.

The Germans dug wider trenches to thwart the new “male” and “female” tanks, so in 1917 trial modifications to improve the trench crossing ability began. The “Tadpole Tail” extended the rear of the tank by about 9 feet.

Many “Tadpoles” were planned. Initial conversion was carried out in England and the tail assemblies were sent to France. Problems with the conversion was not overcome by the end of the war and the Tadpoles were not used in action.
No markings are known, hence no decals are included in this kit. Tadpoles did not have de-ditching rails and the exhaust was shortened.

- Scale 1/72
- Item type:Military vehicle kits (injection)
- It is incredibly detailed design.
- Emhar Models
- Plastic model kit
- Unpainted Plastic Figures
- Requires assembly and painting
- Glue and paint not included
- Recomended age 14+

SKU EM5005
Brand Emhar

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