Hanayama Hanayama L5 Cast Puzzle Duet *

SKU: HAN90021


Hanayama - L5 Cast Puzzle Duet

At first glance, it looks as if there is only one ring hanging from the grid but there are in fact two rings attached with a magnetic force. Can you separate them from the grid and return them to their original positions? After you conquer that, try to fit the two rings at the four-crossing points on the grid indicated by the numbers. The level of difficulty increases as players aim for crossings with higher numbers.

A challenging puzzle made from metal cast pieces. You'll spend hours trying to solve the intense challenging puzzle. Hanayama cast puzzles are the world's finest brain teasers. These high-quality, cast metal puzzles come in six challenging, Mensa-rated levels of difficulty. Inventors from around the globe compete to have their designs included in the line.

The Cast Puzzles offer an unlimited amount of mystery. Its collectability is also one of its appeals. Once you solve one, you will no doubt want to challenge yourself by solving more.

There are no answers in the set so as to allow you to solve the puzzles on your own and experience real fulfillment.

- Game Hanayama Level 5 Cast Puzzle - Duet
- Metal Puzzle
- Hanayama is known worldwide for challenging puzzles and quality manufacturing.
- Excellent Quality
- Age recommendation12 and up
- Gender Unisex, Boys, Girls

SKU HAN90021
Brand Hanayama

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