Heebie Jeebies Crookes Radiometer 18cm

SKU: HJ6128


Heebie Jeebies - Crookes Radiometer 18cm

Learn all about thermodynamics with the Crookes Radiometer.When exposed to light or heat, the vanes will spin. Comes in 18cm and 22cm high models and makes for an educational decoration.

In a world where energy is scarce, we’re relying more and more on the sun for power. But how does it work? The Crookes Radiometer can show you in real time the impressive power of light.

The vanes inside an airtight glass bulb rotate when exposed to light, spinning faster as light gets more intense. It’s real life thermodynamic science in action, without any of the hard work or complicated stuff – just stick it under the sun and watch it spin!

- Spins when in direct sunlight
- The more intense the sunlight, the faster it spins!
- Perfect for wannabe Einstein’s
- Impress your nerdy friends

SKU HJ6128
Brand Heebie Jeebies

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