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Get hyper-charged with this skin-tingling, electrifying science kit. Static electricity and charge are around us all the time, and if you've ever seen lightning flashes, you've seen static electricity on a grand scale.

Every time you have inadvertently felt a shock or spark, when you've touched a metal doorknob, another person or combed your hair you have experienced charge and static electricity.

Deepen your understanding of electrostatics with this comprehensive, well-illustrated kit. Build 6 electrostatic devices, including a Van de Graaff Generator, an electroscope, electrostatic motor, a leyden jar and a franklin bell.

Create powerful sparks, spew a confetti fountain, propel objects electrostatically, spin an Electrostatic Motor, and make your hair stand on end! There are 15 hair raising electrostatic activities in all!

Take advantage of the animations on the SciencecWiz website to deepen and extend your comprehension.

Science Wiz Charge Kit. The kit includes 15 activities. Requires 2 x D-cell batteries (not included), and a few other common household items.

- Motor
- 3 plastic base pieces
- Plastic tube
- Belt
- 2 pulleys
- Ring magnet
- Brush holder
- Additional materials to build a Van de Graff generator, a Leyden jar and an electroscope.
- 40-page booklet

- Static electricity and charge
- Includes a 40-page science book with materials.
- Age: 12 +

Build 6 different devices to explore CHARGE:
- Build a hair-raising Van de Graaff Generator
- Detect charge with an electroscope
- Store charge in a Leyden jar
- Spin an electrostatic motor
- Transport charge with an electrophorus
- Ring a Franklin bell

Brand Science Wiz

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