Tomytec Curved Track C354-15-PC (F) (Set of 4)

SKU: TMC018643


Tomytec - Curved Track C354-15-PC (F) (Set of 4)

It is a curve rail with a radius of 354 mm, an angle of 15 °, and a width of 18.5 mm that reproduces PC sleepers and is convenient for adjustment.

It is a rail group that is the basis of the fine track. Mainly "PC Rail" that reproduces modern standard PC (prestressed / concrete) sleeperwood, the ballast of the roadbed is realistically reproduced by painting in three colors.

The track has a lineup of many types of rails according to the specifications of the track actually found, and they are compatible and can be connected to each other. In addition, a lot of special rails and related products are also available to reproduce various scenes.

- Painted the ballast and sleepers, beautiful appearance
- Painted ballasts and sleepers, beautiful appearance
- PC sleeper expression
- Rails are snapped together with claws, simple and secure connection
- There is a connection compatible with conventional TOMIX rails
- It will be a concrete sleeper type without dents in the central part of the sleeper
- Feeder for wide rail / slab rail, sensor non-compatible for wide rail / slab rail

SKU TMC018643
Brand Tomytec

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