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Clarendon Games - Categories Card Game

Clarendon Games' Merriment Mixture is the ultimate boredom killer. Take turns to name items in a given category against the clock. Be warned - take too long or repeat an item and you're out. Last player standing wins the card!

How many Songs by The Beatles can you name when put on the spot? It's a lot harder than it sounds. Eleanor Rigby, Love Me Do, Back In The USSR,... something about a Yellow Submarine? I don't know!

What about Words that End in '-sh'? Think fast! Fish, lash, crash, push,... is bosh a word? As in, 'bish, bash, bosh'? No?!

Can you handle yourself under pressure? Can you remember what has been said before? Keep your wits about you!

- 80 cards
- 160 categories
- 2+ players
- Ages 10+
- 20 minutes to play
- 2 minutes to learn
- First to three cards is the winner

How to Play:
The first player takes the top card of the deck, turns it over and reads the category aloud. After a few seconds to think, they must name something that fits the category. Play proceeds in a clockwise direction and the next player has three to five seconds to name a different thing from the same category, and so on. To keep timings fair, other players can clap, click their fingers, or tap out the beats between answers, as in: 1 - 2 - 3 - ANSWER

You must not name an item not in the category, hesitate or take too long to name an item, or repeat an item that has already been said that round. If you slip up, you are out! Play continues until there is one player left. They win the card. The winner is the first to collect three cards.

Brand Clarendon Games

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