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Clarendon Games - Bluff Trivia Card Game

Test your knowledge and cunning by playing Bluff Trivia by Clarendon Games! If you don't know the answer to a trivia question, bluff without being caught out and still win the card. Be careful, though, because if one of the other players catches you bluffing, they will steal the card from you!

Have your wits about you as you answer questions from 6 categories:
- Geography & Travel
- Science & Nature
- Sport & Leisure
- Art & Literature
- History & Politics
- Entertainment

- 80 cards
- 2+ players
- Ages 12+
- 20 minutes to play
- 2 minutes to learn
- 6 different categories
- First to 5 cards wins

How to Play:
Choose a player to answer the first question. The player to their right takes a card from the centre of the table and reads the question without looking at the answer. Once the player's final answer is given, it gets interesting. Before the questioner verifies the answer, any other player may challenge the answer to see whether the player was bluffing. The challenger must offer an answer but, crucially, wins the card even if the challenger's answer is wrong, provided the first answer given was also wrong. If the first answer was right, however, the challenger must give one of his cards to the first player. If no one challenges the first player, that player win the card even if the answer they gave was wrong.

So, be on your toes, and be ready to catch those shifty players that will try to bluff answers they don't know!

Brand Clarendon Games

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