Clarendon Games Where's the Word Card Game



Clarendon Games - Where's the Word Card Game

Identify a well known phrase, quote or lyric by questioning your competitors. Be alert - they're hiding the words you need somewhere in their responses!

Based on the popular Victorian parlour game Proverbs, Clarendon Games' Where's the Word? will test your trickery and your wits. The perfect cure for boredom, you'll have hours of fun with friends and family. Easy to learn and simple to play, it's the perfect after dinner entertainment.

Test your knowledge of:
- Proverbs
- Film Quotes
- Poems
- Songs
- Hymns
- Plays

- 80 cards
- 2+ players
- Ages 15+
- 20 minutes to play
- 5 minutes to learn
- Collect the most cards by the end of 3 rounds to win

How to Play:
Choose a player to be the guesser. The player to his left takes the first card in the pack and tells them which category the phrase belongs to. The guesser now asks them any everyday question they can think of ('how was your day?' for example). The player holding the card must include the first word of the phrase in whatever answer they give. The card is passed to the next player and the guesser asks a different question. Again, the player with the card must now include the second word of the phrase in their short answer. Repeat this until all the words of the phrase have been said aloud. The guesser may have three guesses at the correct answer. If they succeed, they win the card. The person to their left now becomes the guesser.

Each player has three turns at being the guesser. The winner is the player that can collect the most cards by the end of the game. Keep your wits about you!

Brand Clarendon Games

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