Ultimate Hobbyco Experience Winners

On: 12 April 2019 

Thank you to all the children who participated 

Ben Fordham had plenty of drawings to sift through this morning to choose the winners. Now without further ado, the winners are 

Listen to the soundbite

Click PLAY below to hear Shane and his kid’s very excited phone call

Winners are:
Jarrod (9 years old) – a Silverado that turns into a drone
Liam (12 years old) – S.H.A.R.P
Miki (12 years old) – Pet Translator
Teneille (9 years old) – Rainbow Air Track/Tent/Slip n Slide

Katia (7 years old) – Lolly Express


Shane phoned in to thank Ben for the competition.

He informed Ben that not one, but two of his children were winners.

Nine-year-old twins Jarrod and Teneille were both selected as winners, without anybody realising they were related.