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      Remote control cars are always tonnes of fun — it doesn't matter if you're a child or an adult, there's nothing quite like the excitement of racing around a track with one of these bad boys. And they're not just for racing; you can also jump over ramps and do tricks. In fact, the possibilities are endless when it comes to playing with remote control cars.

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      What is the Difference Between a Remote Controlled Car and a Radio Controlled Car?

      Remote controlled car and radio controlled car are two terms that mean the same thing — a toy car that’s controlled by radio waves. Hobbyco is your one-stop shop for all the remote controlled (or radio controlled) cars your heart could ever dream of.

      What Cars Can Be Remote Controlled?

      A remote controlled car is any car that has a receiver (in the car) and a transmitter (in the remote). These cars have a motor powered by rechargeable electric batteries and a remote control with AA batteries. Hobbyco also has a remote control monster truck or a remote control truck if you’re after a bit of power.

      What Can You Do With a Remote Control Car?

      Remote control cars are a lot of fun, and there are a lot of activities you can try with them that the whole family will enjoy.

      Taking a remote control car to a skate park is a fantastic idea that will provide hours of entertainment. Skate parks have loads of ramps, steps and quarter pipes for you to do jumps, tricks and drifting. Try and choose a time when it won't be busy with other skaters to avoid any collisions. Some skate parks even have dedicated remote controlled car events or time slots.

      The other activity that you can do, which is heaps of fun, is to take your car offroad. There are plenty of places to explore with a remote control monster truck or 4-wheel drive car. Take them for a spin at your local park, a hiking trail or a beach with some big dunes! If it's been raining recently, then take your 4-wheel driver somewhere muddy and try drifting it. There's something extremely entertaining about seeing who can make the biggest splash in a mud puddle! 

      Another great activity to do with friends or family is to race your remote control cars around a track. There are designated car clubs all around Australia where you can race with your friends or even enter a competition. Most of them have windy asphalt roads like the ones you would see in Formula 1, while others are fully off-road dirt tracks with lots of hilly bumps along the track so that the remote control monster trucks go flying!

      What are the Advantages of a Remote Control Car?

      Remote control cars are not only fun to drive but working with one can teach you (or your kid) a lot of useful skills:

      • Modifying, repairing or even building a remote control car can teach you about physics and mechanics.
      • Remote control cars are a great way to practice problem-solving skills. When your car stops working as it should, you'll have to get under the hood and figure out what's going on.
      • Remote control cars are easier to control than real cars, which makes them perfect for children or beginners. It's also a fun bonding activity the whole family can enjoy.
      • Remote control cars are great for developing hand-eye coordination. When you first start out racing around a track, you’ll find it difficult to go fast and turn corners without crashing. Over time, your eyes and thumbs will become in tune with one another, and your lap times will decrease.
      • They are a lot of fun! Especially when you race them against other remote control cars or jump ramps and perform tricks with your friends.

      Which is the Fastest Remote Control Car?

      If speed is what you're after, then you can do no better than a 2-wheel drive Traxxis remote control car. The Traxxas Slash 2WD VXL Magnum and the Traxxas 1/10 Jato 3.3 2WD Stadium Truck are the top of the range! These remote control cars can reach over 100 km/h!

      If you want to see how fast your remote control car can go, then you'll need to find a long straight asphalt road to test it. There are also after-market modifications you can make to improve your car's speed. Just remember that the top speed and acceleration are negatively related, so increasing one will decrease the other.

      Which Remote Control Car is Best?

      The best remote control car for you will depend on what you plan to use it for.

      • For top speeds, a 2-wheel drive Traxxis model will smoke your competition.
      • For off-road driving, a remote control monster truck or a 4WD RC car is what you'll need to climb up steep inclines or drive through muddy conditions without getting stuck.
      • For jumps and tricks, again, the monster truck would do well here but for some more airtime on those jumps consider getting the HPI Racing Bullet.
      • For racing, you need a balance of acceleration around the corners and speed on the straight parts. Depending on how much drifting you'll be doing, you could go for the Ford Mustang for more sharp corners or the Toyota Supra for more straight sprints.

      Where Can I Buy a Remote Control Car?

      If you're looking for the biggest, fastest, or maddest remote control cars in Australia, Hobbyco has everything you could possibly desire. We stock a wide range of remote control cars and trucks that will give you heaps of smiles per mile.

      So take a look at these powerful beasts today and start your new favourite hobby with Hobbyco!

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