Harry Potter


      In recent years, LEGO has enjoyed a significant resurgence in popularity, largely thanks to its many licensed sets based on beloved movies and TV shows. One of the most successful of these has been the LEGO Harry Potter™ line, which offers kids a chance to build their own versions of Hogwarts Castle and other iconic locations from the series. 

      If your kid can’t get enough of the Harry Potter™ series, they’re sure to love a Harry Potter™ LEGO castle or other collection from Hobbyco.

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      Is LEGO Harry Potter™ Good For Kids?

      For many children, LEGO is more than just a toy — constructing and playing with these sets offers the opportunity to explore their creativity and ignite their imagination. LEGO sets can help kids develop essential problem-solving and fine motor skills while promoting spatial awareness and engineering concepts. 

      Of course, there’s an argument to be made that your kids are more likely to play with their LEGO set if it features characters they’re familiar with — like those from the magical world of Harry Potter™. 

      Harry Potter™ LEGO sets tend to come with everything you need to build your own Harry Potter™ world, whether that be a Hogwarts castle, Privet Drive, or Hogsmead village. Kids can also collect the mini-figures of their favourite characters, such as Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Not only are the sets great for Harry Potter™ fans, but they’re also an excellent way to get kids interested in engineering and construction. 

      The sets are also very affordable, making them a perfect option for families on a budget. If you’re looking for a fun and educational toy for your child, consider Harry Potter™ LEGO.

      What Harry Potter™ LEGO Sets Are Available From Hobbyco?

      As experts in all things toys and model building, Hobbyco understands how much our customers love Harry Potter™ LEGO. With that in mind, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive range of sets and are always looking to add to our vast collection.

      Check out some of our most popular LEGO sets that are sure to delight Harry Potter™ fans, young and old. 

      Harry Potter™ Hogwarts Hospital Wing

      The only place for ill witches and wizards to go, the Hogwarts Hospital Wing is featured in many memorable scenes from the Harry Potter™ books and films. This set comes complete with Harry Potter™, Hermione Granger™, Ron Weasley™ and Madam Pomfrey characters alongside all the pieces you’ll need to construct the hospital wing and clock tower. 

      Combine it with other sets from the Hogwarts collection to ensure hours of building and role-playing entertainment.

      Harry Potter™ 12 Grimmauld Place

      Open a regular-looking London townhouse to discover the secret headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix™! This popular set comes complete with a number of your favourite characters, including Harry Potter™, Ron Weasley™, Sirius Black™, Nymphadora Tonks™, and many more.

      Plenty of hidden treasures to build and explore means kids aged eight and over will thoroughly enjoy playing with 12 Grimmauld Place

      Harry Potter™ Hogwarts Wizards Chess

      Few Harry Potter™ scenes are as iconic as Ron, Harry and Hermione playing Wizard’s Chess in Harry Potter™ and the Philosopher’s Stone. 

      Harry Potter™ fans can start by constructing the board before testing their logic and cognitive skills by facing off in a real game of chess.

      Harry Potter™ Hogwarts Carriage And Thestrals

      One of the most magical aspects of the wizarding world is the rare and beautiful animals that Harry and his classmates encounter over their time at Hogwarts, including Thestrals. A rare winged horse, Thestrals can only be seen by those who have witnessed death, and they frequent the Forbidden Forest.

      The Carriage and Thestrals set comes complete with beloved Harry Potter™ and Luna Lovegood™ characters alongside an adult and baby Thestral that can be attached to a buildable carriage.

      Harry Potter™ Hogwarts Polyjuice Potion

      Potions may not have been Harry’s favourite class at Hogwarts, but the Hogwarts Polyjuice Potion LEGO set will be loved by all Harry Potter™ fans.

      Join Harry, Ron and Hermione as they test their potions skills in the Hogwarts bathroom — who knows what they might discover! This set comes complete with character figurines, a buildable version of Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom and plenty of accessories to authentically recreate memorable moments from the books and films.

      Which LEGO Harry Potter™ Sets Are Rare?

      Certain LEGO sets are rarer than others. The less common a set is, the more it is generally worth. If you manage to get your hands on an original Harry Potter™ LEGO set that was released at the same time as the first film in the franchise, it may be worth quite a bit of money.

      Most of the Harry Potter™ LEGO sets available at Hobbyco are recent releases, meaning they’re unlikely to sell for more than what you have paid. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not a valuable addition to your collection or your child’s toy box — particularly if they love Harry Potter™! 

      How Many LEGO Sets Create Hogwarts?

      Hogwarts goes through many transformations over Harry’s time at school. Each book and film introduces new sets and locations, expanding the magical wizarding world.

      Many of your favourite rooms and corners of the castle can be built using LEGO sets, from the Chamber of Secrets to Dumbledore’s Office. These sets are collectables and can be combined in order to create a comprehensive recreation of Hogwarts castle.

      Shop For Harry Potter™ LEGO In Australia At Hobbyco

      Hobbyco makes it easy to get your hands on all your favourite Harry Potter™ LEGO sets in Australia. Simply browse through the available products on our website or come visit our team in-store at our Sydney location.

      Bring the magical world of Harry Potter™ home with a LEGO set from Hobbyco.