External Warranty Policy

Hobbyco prides itself on customer service and we are continuing to improve our methods. We understand that there are faulty products that are out of Hobbyco's and the customer’s control so our aim is to resolve any faulty product issues quickly. 


All products are covered by a Consumer Guarantee and against manufacturing defects and workmanship for a set period determined by the individual manufacturer. This cover applies only when products are used in line with the manufacturer's guidelines for the purposes they were intended (i.e. the defect was not your fault).  


If you are having issues with an item you have purchased and believe it to be eligible for warranty repair/replacement or refund, please contact our customer service team. You would need to email the following details to info@hobbyco.com.au, or call 02 8332 1400.

You will need to provide the following: 

  • Invoice or Order number 
  • A clear photo or video of your item showing the problem 
  • A detailed description of the problem 
  • An overview of the item’s history of use and background


Many manufacturers have local dedicated support centres that are equipped to be able to handle faulty products and technical advice in a more timely manner. In certain circumstances, or depending on where you live, we may forward your product to a support centre or ask you to forward your product directly to the support centre for their assessment.


You can find the following manufacturers with their own warranty procedures here below: 


Traxxas Warranty Procedure 

Carrera Warranty Procedure 

Tamiya Warranty Procedure 

Hornby Warranty Procedure 

Scalextrics Warranty Procedure


Our amazing customer service staff are here to help, so if you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


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