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      Is Pokemon An Anime Or A Game?

      It's both!

      Pokémon is actually an abbreviation of two separate words — Pocket Monsters — which was a brand of video game released in Japan in 1996 on the Game Boy system. It didn't take long for the game to really take off, by which point the creators of Pokémon saw the potential to turn one product into a multi-media franchise.

      The first season of the Pokémon anime series was released in 1997, only 12 months after the initial Pocket Monsters game. The show is credited with popularising anime and other forms of Japanese entertainment throughout the Western world. In addition, there have been many successful spin-offs, which have, in turn, inspired a wider variety of Pokémon video games and Pokémon toy sets.

      The Pokémon World

      Never played any type of Pokémon game before? You're in for a treat. Not only are Pokémon games among the highest-selling video games of all time, but the series has spawned several other successful genres of games and Pokémon toys, including trading cards, many of which are available at Hobbyco. 

      Of course, to really understand Pokémon, you have to know a little about its world.

      The concept of Pokémon is based on the hobby of insect collecting. The creator of Pokémon, Satoshi Tajiri, was particularly fond of this past time and could see potential in combining it with the world's burgeoning interest in video games.

      Pokémon is set in its own universe, where Trainers (the game's main player) aim to capture Pokémon found in the wild by throwing a Poké Ball at them. Upon being captured, the Pokémon belongs to that Trainer and can be used in battle against other Trainers to build experience points. Pokémon can improve their speed and agility, learn new skills, and even undergo significant evolutionary transformations to build their strength.

      The Pokémon universe is vast, challenging, and designed to provide the player with the opportunity to progress through events and opponents to improve their skills. The popular Pokémon trading card game (TCG) is based on the video games and the broader Pokémon universe. It is an excellent introduction to the franchise for children and adults alike.

      Keen to learn more? Hobbyco offers a broad range of Pokémon TCGs for new and experienced players.

      Popular Pokemon Toys

      Here at Hobbyco, Pokémon toys are amongst our most popular items. Check out some of the top-selling products below.

      Pokémon GO Radiant Eevee Premium Collection

      A pack inspired by the very popular Pokémon GO mobile app, the Pokémon GO Radiant Eevee Premium Collection is full to the brim with special items, including a Radiant Eevee foil promo card, Radiant Eevee deluxe pin, Radiant Eevee playmat, and eight booster card packs. What a deal!

      Pokémon GO Collection Alolan Exeggutor V

      Another collection inspired by Pokémon GO, this pack enables you to battle it out against friends and foes with four Pokémon GO booster packs and a range of special merchandise, including a foil promo card featuring Alolna Exeggutor V and an oversized version to really intimidate your competitors. 

      Pokémon TCG Collector Bundle

      The perfect gift for a Pokémon lover in your life, the Pokémon TCG Collector Bundle holds a collection of special Pokémon goodies that cannot be found anywhere else. This includes seven Pokémon TCG booster packs, three foil promo cards (add Rowlet, Cyndaquil and Oshawott to your collection), and some fun additional merchandise, including colourful sticker sheets, a coin, and a notebook.

      Pokémon TCG Celebrations Special Collection — Pikachu V-Union

      Passionate Pokémon fans can celebrate 25 years of the franchise with the Pokémon TCG Celebrations Special Collection — Pikachu V-Union. This pack contains a number of legendary cards, including four foil promo cards that combine to make up a single Pikachu V-Union! The ideal gift for the Pokémon fan who has it all.

      Pokémon TCG Trainer's Toolkit

      Build a powerful deck with the Pokémon TCG Trainer's Toolkit. The set contains a number of Trainer and Energy Cards to power up your performance, card sleeves to protect your deck and a full Pokémon TCG rule book. The perfect gift for a young Pokémon lover just getting started.

      Pokémon TCG Sword and Shield — Chilling Reign Booster

      Upgrade your power with the Pokémon TCG Sword and Shield — Chilling Reign Booster. New powers and possibilities await with several high-powered Pokémon cards to collect.

      Shop With Hobbyco For All Your Pokemon Needs

      As a leading supplier of Pokémon toys in Australia, the team at Hobbyco prides itself on understanding exactly what keen Pokémon enthusiasts are looking for. If you're searching for a particularly Pokémon toy set or have your eye out for a Pokémon toy sale, browse our range and feel free to contact our friendly team today. 

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