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      Slot cars have been a source of thrill and excitement for children around the globe for several decades. Nowadays, they continue to bring joy to many, thanks to their nostalgic and iconic place in toy culture. 

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      At Hobbyco, we love bringing you the best in class of models, toys, figurines and games. As an iconic toy seller in Australia, we have brought joy to millions of people around the country. If you are an active collector and racer of slot cars, explore the collection of slot vehicles and tracks we have available on our website today. 

      What Are Slot Cars?

      Slot cars are miniature vehicles, typically shaped like classic cars, which run on a special track. They use an electric motor to move along tiny grooves in the path, creating an exciting racing experience for all. 

      Slot cars come with various interchangeable parts like wheels and bodies, making them customisable for enthusiasts. With these components, slot car racers can recreate real-world races, simulating the thrilling world of professional motorsports!

      How Do Slot Cars Work?

      These small cars get power from an electrical source, usually a hand-controlled throttle or a track that supplies electricity via battery-powered metal lanes. 

      Different types of slot cars exist, but all work upon the same principle: when the vehicle is placed in its slot on the track, two metal pins underneath it connect with the track's hidden electric lanes, giving it power. These pins allow the driver to control how much power they want to feed their car, depending on how fast they want it to go. 

      Of course, the number of slots and lanes varies depending on who built the track – which can range from basic home layouts to more complex commercial models. You can take a look at our track options on the website to find your dream setup. 

      Do Slot Cars Still Exist?

      Yes, they do! Even though slot cars in Australia were introduced in the market in the 1960s and might presumably have peaked then, these little fellows have returned! 

      This comeback began well before the pandemic and garnered more attention through the lockdowns. As a simple and effective way for a generation to bond, slot cars made collectors and kids of our era appreciate and enjoy the spoils of some good ol' fashioned slot racing. 

      Our collection even has your favourite pop culture vehicles like the Scalextric Delorean from 'Back To The Future' and Knight Rider's 'K.A.R.R', so if you're looking to snag these iconic models, now is your chance! 

      Are Slot Cars a Good Hobby?

      Slot cars are an exciting and inexpensive hobby thanks to the range of cars available at Hobbyco. Collecting older model slot cars is fun and rewarding; some models have become increasingly sought after and can fetch a hefty price on the market. Building tracks are a great way to spend time on a rainy day and enjoy the meditative quality of working with your hands. 

      Alongside the physical aspect of the hobby is the wholesome social atmosphere; it's easy to join races that other enthusiasts organise or even create your own competitions for friends and family. Slot car racing is truly an enjoyable experience for young and old alike - why not try it?

      What Are the Most Popular Slot Car Brands?


      Carrera slot cars have been thrilling hobbyists since the '60s. By offering a realistic racing experience, these die-cast miniature racers run on electrically powered tracks and can reach speeds of up to 370 mph! 

      Carrera slot cars are available in various sizes and scales that meet different budgets and track lengths. Depending on your liking, you can pick up anything from the 1/43 Nintendo Mario Kart 8 to the 143 Audi R5 Rockenfeller 99. 

      With its high levels of detail, exact replicas, and ease of setup, Carrera slot racers offer an enjoyable way for serious collectible fans and casual hobbyists alike to enjoy their sport.


      Scalextric slot cars are one of the most popular hobbies in the world. They have a long history, first appearing in the 1950s. These cars have multiple to-scale recreations, such as the Batmobile from 1966, that have made them so enduringly popular over time; they are fast, agile, and can be customised to match personal tastes or preferences.

      They are easy to use and relatively inexpensive compared to more complex models. Whether you want an exhilarating race track experience or merely to collect models of your favourite cars over time, Scalextric will provide plenty of entertainment for all ages.

      Where Can I Buy Slot Cars in Australia

      Where else but Hobbyco! 

      Explore our collection of slot cars, tracks and accessories on our website for one of Australia’s biggest ranges of miniature racing action!

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