Scalextric is the world's favourite slot car racing set! Developed in England, this brand has been around for over fifty years.

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      First invented by engineer B Fred Francis when he added an electric engine to Minimodels Ltd.'s tin-based cars back in 1956 - you can thank him now that your kids have these awesome toys as well. Hobbyco has a huge range of Scalextrics cars for you to choose from, including pop culture classics such as the 1960s Batmobile and the Back to the Future Delorean! Shop today to start putting together the track and garage of your dreams - in miniature!

      What Scale Are Scalextric Cars?

      Scalextric slot cars come in two different scales - 1:64 and 1:32. The 1:64 scale is smaller and more compact, perfect for younger racers. The 1:32 scale is the standard when it comes to slot car racing worldwide. The smaller scale is easier to assemble and offers racers more compact tracks, so there’s more chance of chaos and carnage as you race. Things are more action-packed at that level! The larger scale offers higher performance, and higher speeds. You can’t just floor it with these ones - they take a bit of finesse to prevent them from screaming off the corners. Some larger-scale cars also offer you the option to make upgrades with the ARC - App Race Control. Hobbyco stocks a wide range of Scalextric sets and Scalextric cars to suit all levels of racer, from beginner to expert. So whether you're just getting started in the world of slot car racing, or you're a seasoned pro, Scalextric has the perfect option for you.

      How To Fix Scalextric Cars

      Basic maintenance on Scalextric cars involves following these steps:

      1. Remove the body shell from the chassis using a screwdriver. Remove all of the chassis screws and take off the body shell.
      2. Remove the rear axle and motor from the chassis, taking care not to damage the chassis around the motor or axle mounting points.
      3. Leave the motor, rear axle, and chassis to dry out while you clean up. After using the brush to remove all of the debris from the chassis, axles, and motor, use a paper towel to wipe over the chassis, axles, and motor to clear away any old oil or particles that have accumulated.
      4. Wipe the tyres down with a microfibre cloth and some rubber cleaner. 
      5. Replace the motor and rear axle into the chassis.
      6. The back axle bearings, gears, and mounting points should all be lubricated. This will improve the car's performance while also making it run more smoothly and quietly.
      7. Use a brush to clean out debris and dust from the inside of the body shell. This will keep the tires cleaner for longer.
      8. Remove the old body shell and clean it carefully with a cloth soaked in warm water, a duster, and some home polish. Keep an eye on the wing mirrors and body shell details, you don’t want to break them by mistake.

      Further maintenance includes braid replacement, which is discussed below.

      Where To Buy Scalextric Cars

      There's no shortage of places to buy Scalextric cars, with the brand having a strong presence around the world. In Australia, for example, there are a number of retailers that stock Scalextric products, both online and in physical stores. However, it's worth doing some research before making a purchase, as prices can vary significantly between different sellers. When it comes to buying a Scalextric set, it's also worth considering what other accessories and features you might need. For example, do you need extra track pieces in order to create a larger layout? Do you want Scalextric cars with working headlights? 

      Whatever it is you’re after, we recommend checking out the range at Hobbyco. We have online and physical stores, and we are proud to offer competitive prices on all Scalextric products. We also provide free shipping nationwide to customers with orders over $125. We’ve been in business for over 85 years, and have a wealth of experience sorting our happy customers out with the best slot cars available. Check out our range today!

      How Do Scalextric Cars Work?

      Scalextric slot car tracks use electricity to power the motor. The slot care fits into a groove, which forms a circuit that powers the car. The driver uses their hand-held controller, which is usually connected by wires or wireless technology to an electronic speed control (ESC). This lets them make changes on how fast they want their vehicle travelling at any given time. It’s as simple as squeezing one trigger - this will cause your model to go much faster while letting off causes it to slow down! The goal for racers is not only winning a race but also avoiding coming out of their groove and spinning off track completely! This takes a surprising amount of finesse - you can’t just hold the trigger down full-tilt. 

      How To Change Braids On Old Scalextric Cars

      Over time, the braids on your Scalextric cars can be worn out due to consistent use. Changing them will bring your old car back to life, enabling it to race as though it were brand new! To change braids, the first step is to remove the old ones. When you take them out, you may find that they still have some life left, but they were poorly positioned. If you want to keep them around a bit longer, you can clean them with alcohol to make them look nicer.

      Remove the braids slowly and carefully, so as not to damage the guides. Cut yourself some new 2.5cm braids from your roll, then replace them in the same way that the old ones were inserted. Replace the guide in the bottom of your car, flatten the new braids out, and there you have it! Ready to race!

      How To Make Scalextric Cars Faster

      The best way to improve the speed of your car is to perform some routine maintenance on it (see above). Lubricate the motor and axle bearings, clean away any dust, and replace the tyres and braids. You can find replacement motors and tyres online that will increase power output and track grip. Some racers have found that adding a bit of extra weight to the rear of the chassis can improve performance as well. If you have the know-how, increasing the width of the axles can also add some additional speed to your Scalextric cars.

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