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      There’s no better way to occupy your kids on a rainy afternoon than with a jigsaw puzzle. Hobbyco’s range of unique toys and games includes a wide collection of jigsaw puzzles for kids, suitable for kids of all ages.

      Whether you’re searching for a puppy puzzle or a jigsaw of your little one’s favourite Disney princesses, Hobbyco has you sorted.

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      At What Age Can My Child Do A Puzzle?

      Children progress at different rates, meaning there’s no strict answer to this question!

      Generally speaking, your child is unlikely to have the motor skills required to complete a puzzle on their own until they’re around 2 years old. Helping your child to build a jigsaw puzzle, however, can be a fun and educational task to do together. Puzzles build concentration skills and encourage improved hand-eye coordination. Plus, they’re super fun!

      Keep in mind that kids' puzzles will come with age guidelines. These are important for several reasons. Firstly, small puzzle pieces can pose a choking hazard to particularly young children. On top of that, your child is likely to become frustrated if they can’t complete the jigsaw, which is the last thing you want from a game!

      Check the age guidelines of Hobbyco’s jigsaw puzzle for kids before making a purchase.

      What Kinds Of Puzzles Are Best For Toddlers?

      There are a few key characteristics to look for in a jigsaw puzzle for a toddler.

      To start with, obviously check the age range. This will give a good indication of whether your child will be able to complete the puzzle and have fun while doing it! Keep in mind that bigger-sized pieces are generally easier for young children.

      Secondly, look for a puzzle that features some of your toddler’s favourite TV or movie characters. Ravensburger’s 24pc Thomas & Friends puzzle, for example, is an excellent choice for kids who love catching up with Thomas and all his steam-engine friends. They will already recognise the images, making it easier to put pieces together, and will get extra joy from the finished product.

      Sorting pieces can be quite a challenging task for little fingers and short concentration spans. As such, it is most young children’s least favourite part of doing a jigsaw puzzle. Find a puzzle with a different pattern on the reverse side to make it clear which side they should be working on.

      Hobbyco’s Best Selling Jigsaw Puzzles For Kids  

      If you’re searching for jigsaw puzzles for kids, look no further. Hobbyco’s collection includes a number of high-quality puzzles for kids of all ages. Check out some of our best-selling products below!

      Ravensburger A Day At The Stables (3x49 piece)

      Enjoy A Day At The Stables with this gorgeous Ravensburger puzzle. Suitable for children over 5 years of age, the box contains 3 puzzles, each of which is 49 pieces and shows a variety of fun stable scenes. Perfect for horse lovers!

      Ravensburger Animals Of The Earth (3x49 piece)

      If your child is an animal lover, you can’t look past the Ravensburger Animals Of The Earth puzzle. 3 gorgeous, realistic 49-piece puzzles that depict woodland, safari, and outback Australian scenes. Suitable for children over 5 years of age. 

      Ravensburger Seaside Holiday Puzzle (2x24 piece)

      Spend a day at the seaside with this Ravensburger Seaside Holiday Puzzle. Children over 4 years of age will love the brightly coloured seaside pictures, complete with gorgeous seaside animals and landscapes. 

      Shop For Kids Puzzles At Hobbyco

      As a family-owned business, Hobbyco knows there’s nothing like a fun jigsaw puzzle to keep kids entertained for hours at a time. All our jigsaw puzzles for kids can be viewed online or come visit our friendly team in-store for the fully Hobbyco experience!