Hobbyco is the best place for you to get Ravensburger puzzles stocking puzzles ranging from 150 to 2000 pieces

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      Where To Buy Ravensburger Puzzles

      Hobbyco is the best place for you to get Ravensburger puzzles Australia wide. We stock over one thousand Ravensburger puzzles ranging from 150 to 2000 pieces. We’ve even got 12-piece puzzles for the younger Ravensburger fans! Whether you’re after a puzzle depicting one of your favourite artist’s works, such as Kandinsky or Klimt, or any of the iconic Ravensburger Disney puzzles like the Jungle Book or Villainous Ursula, Hobbyco has something to suit you. We even stock 3D Ravensburger puzzles in the shape of the Sydney Opera House, the Empire State Building, and more!

      Hobbyco has been in business since 1935 and offers free shipping on orders over $125! Anything less than that and we’ll ship it nationwide for a flat fee of $10. You can also enjoy the flexibility of paying in instalments with Afterpay, Zip, Klarna, Latitude, or Laybuy. Browse our range and shop today!

      How Big Is A Ravensburger 1000 Piece Puzzle?

      A Ravensburger 1000 piece puzzle measures 27 x 20 inches when completed, or 70cm by 50cm if we’re talking metric. The unfinished puzzle comes in a 38 x 27 x 6cm box. This makes them the perfect size for mounting and displaying in frames or cases around your home! 
      If you’re after a bigger challenge, how about a Ravensburger 3000 piece puzzle? This Lady Of The Forest puzzle measures a whopping 121 x 80cm when assembled, making it an excellent feature and a testament to your jigsaw solving ability. 

      Maybe you’ve mastered the art of puzzling and you really want to push the boat out - have a look at the 40320 piece Disney ‘Mickey Through The Years’ puzzle! Yes, you read that right - over forty thousand pieces. Once you’ve put this entire thing together, it will stretch out to over six metres long, or 680 x 192cm, to be exact. This puzzle weighs 19.5kg, so it’s certainly not for the faint of heart. If you want to occupy your mind and hands for a long time, look no further than this beast of a Ravensburger puzzle. 

      How To Use Ravensburger Puzzle Glue

      Ravensburger Puzzle Conserver is a specially designed product that will get your puzzle stuck together in such a way that you can hang it up in your home. Show off your problem-solving skills and impeccable taste in puzzles by sealing and retain all the brilliant colours of your epic design. All you need to do is put some of the Puzzle Conserver on the sponge applicator that comes with the bottle, then apply it liberally to the surface of your puzzle. No awkward flipping or contact sheets are required. Once the conserver is applied to the puzzle, all you have to do is wait an hour for the clear liquid to dry and you’ll be ready to turn your completed puzzle into an unmissable feature piece!

      How Ravensburger Puzzles Are Made

      Ravensburger follows a watertight seventeen-step process for designing and developing their puzzles to the high standards that they are known for. 

      Puzzle editors start by looking for the ideal puzzle image. Several factors, in addition to the picture's topic, determine whether it is selected. These include the sharpness and depth of the picture, the colour brightness, the contrast, and the level of detail in the image. 

      Once the ideal image has been selected, a few adjustments are required to make it the ideal puzzle image. The most frequent changes are to the contrast and colours. These modifications not only provide a visually pleasing image, but also one that is simple to solve. 

      Following image editing, the manufacturing process starts. The puzzle image will then be printed using the offset printing method. Ravensburger produces their own special linen-embossed paper, which is used to print all of their puzzles. This material helps to reduce light reflections and glare on your puzzle.

      Quality control checks the puzzle after the initial print runs to see if any alterations are required before mass production. Quality control makes sure that colours are adjusted and all errors in the puzzle are fixed if the initial print run exhibits any indications of wrong colours or features in the picture.

      For Ravensburger boxes, the same procedure is applied. The boxes are printed first. Prior to authorising the box for mass production, quality control inspects the box's top and bottom and makes any required modifications.

      The printed puzzle image is laminated onto the cardboard at the following stage in the manufacturing process. Specially made for Ravensburger, their blue cardboard provides a thicker and more sturdy puzzle experience. Specialists utilise enormous press roll machines that glue everything together using water-based, non-toxic adhesive to join the paper sheet and the cardboard.

      Ravensburger engineers will ultimately use the templates they produce to help them make the steel punching tools to cut puzzles into the required number of pieces. It takes an average of 160 hours to hand-draw each puzzle template. This guarantees that each puzzle piece is distinct.

      Engineers created the punching tool out of razor-sharp steel bands using the hand-drawn puzzle template as a model. The engineers just use their hands and a hammer to bend the steel bands while utilising a fixed wooden plate. A 1000-piece puzzle tool takes around 210 hours to construct.

      When the punching tool is prepared, one of Ravensburger’s punching machines is used to install it. A technician then places the cardboard picture into the press machine, which uses the pressure of several hundred tonnes to cut the image. They now have a puzzle with separate parts when the cut is finished.

      Following the initial cut, quality control does the second set of inspections to check for precise cuts, any portions that are still adhered to the punching tool, or any pieces that are still attached together. Quality control checks are conducted repeatedly until the puzzle is faultless.

      Automated equipment separates and directs the individual parts of the chopped puzzle into a bag as it travels down the conveyor. After being heat sealed, the bag is prepared to go into the box.

      Now that the printed box pictures are ready, Ravensburger may laminate them onto the cardboard boxes. The box top and bottom are first folded by a machine, which then laminates the box image to the folded sides. Each puzzle bag is manually inserted into the bottom of the box.

      Then a worker ensures that every bag that was placed is pushed down and distributed equally inside the box. The box tops will fit neatly and uneven packing will be prevented thanks to this.

      A unique device places the box top over the box bottom that contains the puzzle bag to seal the box. Shrink wrapping is done after the package has been sealed. As a result, the box is kept safe throughout shipping and a genuine, perfect Ravensburger puzzle is sent.

      The puzzles are then put on pallets and stored in one of our fully automated high-bay warehouses following one final quality check at the conveyor belt. The final puzzles will go from Ravensburg to shops and customers all around the world.

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