Take your model game to the next level by shopping for Revell model kits at Hobbyco! The name Revell is synonymous with quality and durability. Whether you’re searching for cars, aircraft, or ships, Revell has top-of-the-range model kits for you.

      Revell is just one of the many model kit brands available for purchase at Hobbyco. Browse our full range online or visit the team in-store today!

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      Who Is Revell?

      Revell is one of the world’s most popular and respected model kit companies. From their early days as an American plastic model kit manufacturer in the 1940s to selling over 5 million model kits in one year just a few decades later, Revell has always been a favourite of keen model enthusiasts.

      Between those years, Revell expanded their operations to become a company with worldwide reach. Few model kits have ever had quite the same impact as their RMS Titanic, which is probably both the most famous ship and the most famous model kit in the world. The best part is, you can purchase it right here at Hobbyco!

      Revell has always been at the forefront of the model kit industry, constantly expanding its range to keep up to date with the latest vehicles and pop-culture figurines. These days, the Revell line includes everything from Star Wars models to classic Fast & Furious model street racing machines, all available at Hobbyco.

      What Revell Products Are Available At Hobbyco?

      As a leading supplier of unique toys, games, and models, Hobbyco has all the Revell model kits you could ever need! Browse some of our customers’ favourite products below

      Plus, if you need a few extra tools, accessories, and paint kits to really take your Revell model to the next level, Hobbyco has you covered. Our line of hobby supplies is second to none, meaning you can set up the model workstation of your dreams in a simple and affordable manner.

      Revell Star Wars The Mandalorian: Razor Crest

      The official ship of the bounty hunter known only as “The Mandalorian,” the Razor Crest has been recreated in intricate detail by Revell. With a moveable loading ramp, landing gear that can be retracted or extended, and an official “The Mandalorian” pilot figurine, this is a must-have for Star Wars and model kit enthusiasts. 

      Revell Shelby Mustang GT

      The Mustang GT is a legendary vehicle with an interesting history. The car came about through a collaboration between Ford, Carroll Shelby, and the car hire company Hertz, who wanted to provide their customers with the unique opportunity to hire a high-performance rental car.

      Now you have the opportunity to build a 1/24 model version of the Shelby Mustang, complete with 4-speed transmission, highly detailed 289cid engine, and exclusive Hertz ‘Gold’ decal stripes.

      Revell B-17F “Memphis Belle”

      Take to the skies with the famed B-17F “Memphis Belle”. One of the first fighting planes to be manufactured on a mass scale, the line of B-17Fs included a plane nicknamed “Memphis Belle” by its pilots that later went on to fly over 25 missions successfully! The aircraft was later retired and displayed in its namesake’s hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.

      With over 235 parts, this Revell model kit is incredibly detailed, right down to the consoles and instrument panel.

      Shop With Hobbyco For Revell Model Kits

      Whether you’re an experienced model kit enthusiast or just looking to get into the world of model planes, cars, and figurines, Revell is an excellent choice, offering intricate and realistic models for beginners and experts alike. Hobbyco stocks an extensive variety of Revell models available for purchase securely online and in-store. Shop with Hobbyco today!

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