Slot Car Sets


      If you've been looking for a timeless and classic hobby suitable for all ages - slot car racing sets are what you're searching for. These sets are an excellent way for people to come together and share in the enjoyment of racing miniature-model cars around a track. 

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      Whether you're looking to customise your course or have a friendly competition between friends, slot car sets offer everyone a fun, wholesome evening!

      At Hobbyco, we understand that shopping for hobbyist products isn't just about finding the best prices - it's about finding the perfect item for your collection. That's why we carefully select and curate a range of slot car sets, toys, games and accessories that you won't find anywhere else. 

      Whether you're looking for a vintage model or an exciting new release, Hobbyco has something to suit every kind of hobbyist. With our ever-growing range, you'll be able to discover something new each time you shop with us. Come and explore the best in the world of hobbies today!

      What Is Included in a Slot Car Set?

      Most racing car sets come with everything you need to enjoy the experience: two hand controllers, two-lane guard walls, power packs, a power pack cord or battery holders (depending on what type of power pack it is), race track pieces and of course, the slot cars. 

      Different sets come with various accessories, some of which might suit your style. For example, the 1980 Grand Prix set comes with the following: 

      • 1x Willaims car
      •  1x Lotus car
      •  1x transformer
      •  34x track pieces
      •  2x hand controllers
      •  1x braid plate pack

      Whereas the more recent F1 Up To Speed set comes with the following: 

      • 1x F1 Mercedes "Hamilton, No.44" car
      • 1x F1 Ferrari "Sainz, No.55"car
      • 1x 61666 Connecting Section
      • 2x Electronic Speed Controller
      • 1x Carrera GO!!! 61531 Transformer 14,8V - 0,7 Amp
      • 1x Carrera GO!!! 88107 Mechanical Lap Counter
      • 2x Carrera GO!!! 61613 Looping Set
      • 2x Carrera GO!!! Fly Over
      • 3x Carrera GO!!! Straight 114 mm
      • 4x Carrera GO!!! 61656 Straight 171mm
      • 9x Carrera GO!!! 61602 Straight
      • 4x Carrera GO!!! 61612 Radius 1 Banked Curve 45°
      • 6x Carrera GO!!! 61603 Radius 1 Curve 90°
      • Carrera Barrier Security
      • Fasteners for Barriers
      • Track Connection Clips
      • Easy-Clip Support Rail
      • 88104 Guide
      • 61510 Double Braid
      • Instruction manual 

      It's fair to say that each set is different, so find one that suits your interest - whether it's F1 or Mario Kart! Regardless, it's all designed to give racers that authentic feeling of genuine speed and competition without ever leaving their living room!

      How Do I Maintain My Slot Car Set?

      Keeping your slot car set running optimally takes dedication and maintenance. The frequency at which you'll need to address wear and tear will depend heavily on how often you race, but some fundamentals should always be followed to keep the competition fierce. 

      • Always check the condition of your track before you race - make sure all the lane markings are debris-free, that the track is level for a fair contest, and that all connections between slots are secure. 
      • If necessary, tighten up any loose pieces with tiny screws or tweezers, like guide flags or guard rails. 
      • Ensure all electrical connections are secure so your cars have optimum power to zip around the track! 

      Taking these precautions will ensure you can keep having exciting races with minimal interruption - and see who wins race bragging rights in your house!

      What Is the Best Slot Car Set Brand?

      With over fifty years of experience and hundreds of products, Carrera is a household name within this niche hobby. Their standout set offerings range from understated pop culture vehicles to hyper-detailed renderings of real-world racing machines from racing leagues and teams.

      Each set has an innovative modular track system that allows easy customisation, ensuring that racers never get bored. The attention to detail and quality mean all Carrera products stand out among other competitors, making them some of the most sought-after products for slot car racers. Carrera has something perfect for you whether you are a novice or a pro!

      Where Can I Buy Slot Car Sets in Australia

      Find your favourite race car sets only at Hobbyco! We offer a wide range of indoor racing fun that will keep you and the family occupied and give you hours of fun! 

      Browse our collection of slot car sets on our website now. For more details, feel free to contact us today!