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      Is your child crazy about all things trains? Inspire their imagination with a toy train set from Hobbyco. 

      While Hornby train sets make an excellent collector's item, they're also the perfect introduction to model train sets for kids who can't get enough of one of the oldest forms of transportation.

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      Whether you're looking to add to your own Hornby train collection or searching for the perfect train tracks toy for a little one in your life, shop for Hornby train sets in Australia at Hobbyco.

      Does Hornby Still Make Train Sets?

      With an origin story dating back to 1920, Horby Railways are one of the oldest and most prestigious model railway manufacturing companies. For over a century, Horby has been producing high-quality locomotives, railroads, and wagons for model train enthusiasts of all ages. 

      Hornby is certainly still in the business of making model train sets and releases new products on a regular basis — which is great news for everyone!

      Where Are Hornby Model Trains Made?

      Back in 1920, Hornby's product line was made at their home base in Liverpool. One of the first Hornby models was the Hornby Clockwork Train Set, which was available in three liveries. From here, the company quickly expanded into electric models and even formed a membership group — 'The Hornby Railway Company' to facilitate growing interest in the hobby of model train collecting.

      Over the next hundred years, Hornby's product line grew and changed in line with new technologies and consumer interests. Towards the end of the 1990s, a range of factors saw production cease in the United Kingdom and move to China. This change only positively impacted the Hornby line, which had expanded to now offer hundreds of locomotives, coaches, wagons, and accessories.

      A few years later, the Hornby management made the decision to bring part of their manufacturing back home to the United Kingdom to ensure they had full quality control and were less susceptible to supply chain interruptions. 

      Regardless of where the product is made, Hobbyco makes it easy to shop for your favourite Hornby toy train sets in one convenient online location.

      Are Hornby Trains Worth Money?

      There is a range of reasons people choose to collect model trains. Some enjoy having their Hornby trains on full display. Others prefer actually playing with the trains rather than having them up high on a shelf where no one can reach them.

      Hornby trains can be worth money, particularly those manufactured decades ago in the original Liverpool factory. Known for their exceptional design and attention to detail, Hornby trains are highly sought after by hobbyists all over the world. If well cared for, a Hornby train can increase in value over time and become a valuable investment. 

      What Is The Difference Between OO And HO?

      If you've ever spent much time around a model train enthusiast, you've probably heard them use the terms 'OO' and 'HO'. But what do these means?

      To fully understand, we first have to cover two commonly used model train measurements: scale and gauge.

      Like any type of model figurine, the scale refers to the size of the model in relation to its real-life counterpart. Gauge, on the other hand, describes the distance between the two running rails of the train track.

      OO and HO are types of model train scales, OO being the 1:76th scale and HO being the 1:87th scale.

      Here at Hobbyco, we sell a wide range of 'OO' train sets, including the popular Hornby OO Flying Scotsman and the Hornby OO Valley Drifter

      HO actually stands for 'half-O,' 'O' being another scale that has fallen out of mainstream popularity over the years. O scale ranges in size from 1:48 to 1:43.5 depending on where in the world you are.

      Which Is Better: O Scale Or HO Scale?

      When it comes to model trains, it is not so much the case of one scale being 'better' than another but rather which is more appropriate to your needs.

      Given that a HO train is half the size of an O train, many collectors recommend this size to those who are just starting out, as they won't take up as much space, and you will have more room for decorations and accessories.

      In some cases, O train sets will be more expensive due to their larger size.

      To find the perfect model train scale and set, do plenty of research online before making your purchase.

      What Is The Most Popular Model Train Set?

      Hobbyco sells both OO and HO toy train sets, giving you plenty of options to start or add to your model train collection.

      If you're interested in an OO size, why not try the popular Hornby OO Summertime Coca-Cola Train Set? This 11cm model is complete with distinctive Coke branding for a fun and unique addition to your model train collection.

      Those who prefer a smaller-sized unit might want to check out the Frateschi HO Pacific National C30 Loco. This set comes complete with the locomotive and three twin container wagons; all painted in attractive, crisp colours.

      Regardless of your preferences, there's a Hornby train set for you at Hobbyco. Shop now!