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Wooden Kits

61 items
292pc Hurdy Gurdy292pc Hurdy Gurdy
UGears 292pc Hurdy Gurdy
189pc Amber Box189pc Amber Box
UGears 189pc Amber Box
179pc Safe179pc Safe
UGears 179pc Safe
107pc 20 min Timer107pc 20 min Timer
UGears 107pc 20 min Timer
405pc Cash Register405pc Cash Register
UGears 405pc Cash Register
575pc Research Vessel575pc Research Vessel
UGears 575pc Research Vessel
63pc Wolf-01 Handgun63pc Wolf-01 Handgun
UGears 63pc Wolf-01 Handgun
185pc Antique Box185pc Antique Box
UGears 185pc Antique Box
Dice TowerDice Tower
UGears Dice Tower
248pc Stagecoach
UGears 248pc Stagecoach
UGears Butterfly
Nativity SceneNativity Scene
UGears Nativity Scene
UGears Monowheel
Flight StarterFlight Starter
UGears Flight Starter
STEM Lab Curvimeter
UGears STEM Lab Curvimeter
UGears - UGears Dice KeeperUGears - UGears Dice Keeper
UGears Dice Keeper
92pc Stem Lab Pendulum92pc Stem Lab Pendulum
120pc Stem Lab Gearbox120pc Stem Lab Gearbox
157pc Stem Lab Counter157pc Stem Lab Counter
STEM Lab CurvimeterSTEM Lab Curvimeter
UGears STEM Lab Curvimeter
UGears Tugboat
726pc Aviator726pc Aviator
UGears 726pc Aviator
585pc Tower Windmill585pc Tower Windmill
UGears 585pc Tower Windmill
410pc Mechanical Horse410pc Mechanical Horse
189pc Bike VM-02
UGears 189pc Bike VM-02
190pc Treasure Box190pc Treasure Box
UGears 190pc Treasure Box
284pc Tram Line284pc Tram Line
UGears 284pc Tram Line
81pc Pneumatic Engine81pc Pneumatic Engine
154pc Tram with Rails154pc Tram with Rails
48pc Dynometer48pc Dynometer
UGears 48pc Dynometer
97pc Tractor97pc Tractor
UGears 97pc Tractor
61pc Mechanical Box61pc Mechanical Box
UGears 61pc Mechanical Box
70pc Theatre70pc Theatre
UGears 70pc Theatre
437pc Roadster VM-01
UGears 437pc Roadster VM-01
354pc Rail Manipulator354pc Rail Manipulator
420pc Truck UGM-11420pc Truck UGM-11
UGears 420pc Truck UGM-11
196pc Railway Platform196pc Railway Platform
UGears 196pc Railway Platform
34pc Combination Lock34pc Combination Lock
305pc Carousel305pc Carousel
UGears 305pc Carousel
UGears - 300pc MonowheelUGears - 300pc Monowheel
UGears 300pc Monowheel
UGears - 739pc Dream CabrioletUGears - 739pc Dream Cabriolet
UGears 739pc Dream Cabriolet
UGears - 198pc Flight StarterUGears - 198pc Flight Starter
UGears 198pc Flight Starter
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