Aircraft Model Kits


      Few hobbies are as fun or rewarding as building model planes. Sure, building your chosen model takes patience and extreme attention to detail. But at the end of the building process, you’ll be left with an intricate replica of your favourite military aircraft that you can proudly display to all! 

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      Building model kit planes is a hobby that can be enjoyed by all and Hobbyco is your one-stop destination for kit planes in Australia. Our range includes everything from the popular Tamiya Mk.VIII Spitfire to the iconic Revell Memphis Belle. Plus, we stock a number of tools and accessories to help you bring your favourite planes to life. Shop now!

      What Makes A Good Aircraft Model Kit?

      Several companies have built a reputation for offering excellent kit planes in Australia. So, what makes one aircraft model kit better than another?

      Given the hours you’ll be investing in your project, it pays to find a kit that’s high-quality and will result in a finished product you can be proud of.

      The best aircraft model kits are intricate and durable. They are relatively simple to put together but don’t cut corners when it comes to accuracy.

      Some of the most popular brand names in the world of kit planes include Tamiya, Revell, Hasegawa, and Airfix — all of which are available at Hobbyco!

      What Tools Do You Need To Build A Model Plane?

      It’s true that building model planes is a hobby that does require a few tools and accessories. Fortunately, all of these can be purchased in one place — Hobbyco!

      In addition to our range of aircraft model kits, Hobbyco stocks a broad range of relevant tools that will help you put together your model plane in an accurate and efficient manner. This includes glue, paint brushes, paints, decals and modelling accessories, and small scale tools

      Here at Hobbyco, we’re as passionate about kit planes as our customers. If you have any questions about the tools and supplies you need to put your model kit together, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff.  

      Shop With Hobbyco For Kit Planes In Australia

      If you’re searching for kit planes in Australia, look no further. Hobbyco offers an incredibly broad selection of aircraft model kits, perfect for experienced hobbyists and those just starting to explore this fun and fulfilling pastime. 

      Browse our range of kit planes online or visit us in-store for the full Hobbyco experience! 

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