One of the most enjoyable parts of collecting model cars is painting them. Hobbyists might aim to perfectly recreate classic cars or add a little creative twist, like a fluorescent yellow body combined with bright pink detailing.

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      Hobbyco is the ultimate destination for model car paint, including acrylic, enamel, and lacquer paint. We’ve got every shade you could possibly want, plus a wide range of brushes and accessories to help you add a touch of colour and class to your collection.

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      What Is a Lacquer Paint?

      Lacquer paint is a type of paint that is fast-drying and provides a protective finish. It is ideal for painting surfaces like wood and metal as it produces an attractive glossy look while protecting the material underneath from weathering and discolouration. Many hobbyists prefer lacquer paint because it dries quickly and is incredibly easy to apply, meaning less time spent waiting for a project to be finished.

      With its superior protection, seamless finish, and quick drying time, lacquer paint is one of the premier paints on the market today for amateur and professional hobbyists alike — perfect for whatever project you have in mind!

      Is Lacquer Paint Good for Model Cars?

      When it comes to using paint for hobby activities, you usually have a choice between three categories: acrylic, enamel, and lacquer. What’s the difference between these, and which is right for painting model cars?


      Acrylic paint is highly versatile and often favoured by hobbyists thanks to its water-based properties and the fact it is very easy to clean. Acrylic paint is relatively easy to apply by hand, making it an excellent choice for hand painting. 


      Unlike its acrylic counterpart, enamel paint is oil-based, meaning it dries quite slowly. There are advantages to using enamel paint, however, including the fact that it is rigid when dry and perfect for models that will be handled frequently.  


      Lacquer paint is extremely popular amongst hobbyists for good reason. It provides all the benefits a model car enthusiast is looking for, including being durable and fast-drying and offering even application.

      Lacquer paint is not particularly suitable for hand painting, but it’s an excellent choice if you’re planning to airbrush your model car. 

      How Do I Apply Lacquer Paint?

      There are a few things to keep in mind when applying lacquer paint. 

      The first thing to know is that lacquer paint is quite strong, meaning you should ensure you work in a well-ventilated area. Wear appropriate protection, including a mask if required.

      Ensure you are working with a clean surface before applying the first coat of paint. After preparing the model car appropriately, apply a primer, the role of which is to help the lacquer paint adhere better to the surface of your car. If necessary, combine your lacquer paint with a thinner to help achieve a smooth and quick-drying finish.

      Lacquer paint is best applied with an airbrush rather than by hand — the good news is that Hobbyco has all the airbrush tools and accessories you need to paint the model car of your dreams! 

      Where Can I Buy Model Car Paint?

      The easiest way to get your hands on model car paint is to shop at Hobbyco! We’ve got paint in every shade to help you bring your model car collection to life, alongside a wide range of brushes and accessories to facilitate everything from preparation to fine detailing. 

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