Any fan of model cars will have no doubt heard of Tamiya. One of the oldest and most distinguished manufacturers of model kits, Tamiya has developed a reputation for its high-quality products.

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      Here at Hobbyco, we’re passionate about providing our customers with the absolute best in model kits, which is why we’re proud to stock many Tamiya models, accessories, and tools. Browse the full range below and shop securely online or in-store now!

      Who Is Tamiya?

      Tamiya is a Japanese manufacturer of model kits, radio-controlled cars, and various tools and supplies for hobbyists.

      Tamiya is world-famous for a reason, offering products of extremely high quality and durability. The company made their start in 1948, offering wooden educational toys before branching out to plastic models just a few short years later. Fast-forward to today, and Tamiya’s unparalleled product line includes products and options for all hobbyists, no matter what your interest.

      What Tamiya Products Does Hobbyco Sell?

      As a leading supplier of toys, models, and games, Hobbyco is proud of its comprehensive range and commitment to quality products. Included in our product line are a number of Tamiya models designed to satisfy hobbyists of all passions.

      A quick browse of our Tamiya collection will illustrate the many different product lines Tamiya kits and tools fall into.

      Searching for Tamiya cars? You’ve come to the right place. Hobbyco offers the latest and greatest in Tamiya model car kits, from the classic Nissan 280Zx T-Bar Roof Kit to the modern Subaru BRZ

      If you’re looking for tools that will help you assemble your Tamiya models accurately and efficiently, look no further. Hobbyco offers a comprehensive range of quality tools to support the construction process. From cutting mats to craft scissors and everything in between, shop with Hobbyco for all your Tamiya tool needs. 

      Of course, no Tamiya model is complete without a lick of paint. When painting your Tamiya models, it’s critical that you only use an approved Tamiya product. Anything less than this and the finish just won’t be what you expect. Acrylic base paints and accent colours can both be applied using any number of Tamiya’s paint brushes, also available at Hobbyco. Keep in mind that certain surfaces will need to be appropriately prepared before paint is applied. Metal primer, for example, can be used to prevent oxidation and keep your Tamiya models looking better for longer.

      How Many Tamiya Vehicles Are There?

      Over the years, Tamiya has brought out countless product lines, each containing new cars and vehicles for model enthusiasts.

      How many Tamiya model vehicle kits are there? It’s hard to accurately say. You can rest assured that if you’re looking for a particular model, you’re likely to find it in the Tamiya product line.

      The range includes everything from traditional cars, like the Nissan Skyline, to racing machines, such as the Porsche 934 Jaeger. Tamiya’s line of model vehicles extends to include bikes, like the Honda Fireblade, and even vintage military vehicles, including the German Kubelwagen.

      Prefer the sky to the land? Check out Tamiya’s line of aircraft available at Hobbyco. Whether you’re a Spitfire fan or prefer to build Tomcats, Hobbyco offers everything you need to build your dream Tamiya model. 

      Hobbyco — Your One-Stop-Shop for Tamiya Products

      Whether you’re looking for your next model kit challenge or need a particular tool to help you put together your current project, Hobbyco is proud to be one of the leading suppliers of Tamiya in Australia. From kits to paints and everything in between, Hobbyco has you covered.

      Contact our friendly team today to learn more about our line of Tamiya products. Happy shopping!