For Him

We have a selection that’s tailor-made for the modern gentleman! Whether you’re an anime aficionado, a diecast car connoisseur, a model kit master, or a board game strategist, we've got something special just for you.

Anime Figures

Immerse in your favourite anime world with intricately designed and highly collectable figures. From beloved characters to stunning craftsmanship, these figurines are a visual feast for any enthusiast.


For the auto aficionado, our diecast collection features meticulously crafted cars, bikes, planes, and more. These detailed models are perfect for adding a touch of class to any collection.

Slot Cars

If you’re a speed demon, our slot car sets are the perfect gift. Get ready to race and feel the adrenaline rush.


Unleash the thrill of remote control with our RC collection. From high-speed cars to agile drones, the sky's the limit for your adventures.

Model Kits

Are you a hands-on hobbyist? Our range of model kits, from intricate Gundam sets to classic models, provides endless building joy and satisfying results.


The world of Gundam is at your fingertips. Choose from our intricate selection of Gunpla kits and re-create epic battles right at home with our variety of Action Bases.


Let your creativity soar with our LEGO collection. Whether you’re constructing an iconic cityscape or an intricate starship, the possibilities are endless.

Model Trains

Transport to a world of nostalgia with our model train sets. From classic steam locomotives to modern engines, these miniatures are perfect for sparking memories.

Board Games

Bring friends and family together with our classic and contemporary board games. Strategy, wit, and laughter are on the cards.

At Hobbyco, we understand that hobbies are more than just pastimes; they're a way to celebrate passions, nurture skills, and create lasting memories. Explore our curated selection, and discover the perfect one for you.