6 Figures and Collectables to Haunt Your Halloween

A Blog by Justin Ponti

6 Figures and Collectables to Haunt Your Halloween

As the eerie aura of Halloween, also known as All Hallows Eve, draws near, people are continually seeking unique ways to infuse their celebrations with a spine-tingling charm. As we welcome this Halloween season, we're listing down 6 figures and collectables that offer something truly extraordinary this Spooktacular October.

Stranger Things Q Posket

6. Stranger Things Q Posket

As the winds of Halloween sweep through the town of Hawkins, there's no better time to dive into "Stranger Things." This beloved series, known for its supernatural mysteries, nostalgic '80s references, and spine-tingling atmosphere, is the perfect companion for those seeking an extra dose of Halloween spirit.

For fans of "Stranger Things," the Q Posket series offers an irresistible opportunity to bring the show's iconic characters into their world. Whether you're a fan of Eleven's telekinetic powers, Lucas' unwavering bravery, Dustin's endearing humour, or Chief Hopper's steadfast determination, there's a Q Posket figure waiting to grace your collection. Infuse your Halloween celebrations with a touch of the Upside Down.

Gundam The Witch from Mercury (Gundam Calibarn)

5. Gundam The Witch from Mercury (Gundam Calibarn)

In "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch of Mercury," the Gundam universe embraces the supernatural with open arms. This captivating series introduces us to the enigmatic character known as the Witch from Mercury, a being shrouded in mystery and possessing powers that defy the laws of physics. Her presence adds a layer of intrigue and otherworldly wonder to the Gundam narrative, making it an enticing pick for Halloween enthusiasts.

One of the most remarkable ways to commemorate this blend of mecha and the supernatural is through the Gundam Calibarn. This 1/144 scale model kit from Bandai offers fans a chance to own a piece of the Gundam mystique. The HG Calibarn model kit captures the essence of this unique storyline with its stunning colour gradient effects, particularly visible on the chest and V-Fin. Furthermore, the figure boasts a comprehensive range of expansion and deployment gimmicks, including features like the witch-like broom and shield.

Chainsaw Man

4. Chainsaw Man

"Chainsaw Man" is where supernatural horrors lurk in the shadows, and the only defence against them is an enigmatic figure known as Chainsaw Man. With a chainsaw for a head and a heart fueled by fear, this protagonist navigates a nightmarish landscape where danger looms at every corner. It's a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat, simultaneously horrified and captivated by the chilling narrative.

Now, fans of "Chainsaw Man" can bring a piece of this terror into the physical world with the Chainsaw Man anime figure from FiguartsZERO. This static figure series has meticulously captured the essence of Chainsaw Man, presenting him in a dynamic pose inspired by a fierce battle with the Bat Devil. It's a chilling and nightmarish tribute to the horror and terror that define this series.


3. Godzilla

But why, you might wonder, how does Godzilla find its way into a Halloween-themed figure and collectable list? The answer lies in the essence of Halloween itself—a celebration of the eerie, the monstrous, and the supernatural. Halloween is a time when creatures of the night come to life, and what better embodiment of this spirit than Godzilla? Its towering presence, ferocious demeanour, and destructive capabilities make it a perfect fit for the spooky season.

The S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla (2002) from the iconic film, "Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla" (2002) is a masterpiece that transports the monstrous legend from the screen right into your hands. What sets this figure apart is its commitment to screen accuracy and the latest in articulation engineering, offering a wide range of posing possibilities that allow you to recreate epic battle scenes that are sure to send shivers down your spine.

Brook from One Piece

2. Brook from One Piece

Brook, also known as "Soul King," is a musician and member of the Straw Hat Pirates in the popular anime and manga series, One Piece. What sets Brook apart, and what makes him particularly fitting for the Halloween season, is the unique twist in his backstory. Brook is an animated skeleton, brought back to life through the powers of the Revive-Revive Fruit. While his bony exterior may seem intimidating, Brook's character exudes a quirky charm. His penchant for music, witty humour, and perpetual yearning for the company of others, despite his eerie appearance, make him a beloved figure in the One Piece universe.

For collectors looking to infuse their Halloween celebrations with a dash of spookiness, this Brook anime figure from Banpresto is an impeccable choice. Standing approximately 7 1/2 inches tall, this meticulously detailed figure captures every bone-chilling detail of Brook's character. It's not just a figure; it's a masterpiece that pays homage to Brook's portrayal in the "One Piece: Film Red," as part of the esteemed Grandline Men lineup.

Michael Myers

1. Michael Myers

On that fateful Halloween night in 1963, the world was introduced to the pure embodiment of evil - Michael Myers. At the tender age of six, he committed an unspeakable act, forever marking his name in the annals of horror history. His teenage sister became his first victim, setting the stage for a descent into darkness that no amount of psychotherapy could ever hope to undo. Michael Myers had transformed into a "Human Monster," and his insatiable thirst for blood knew no bounds.

Moebius Models' hauntingly detailed kit of Michael Myers not only captures the iconic character but also includes a front porch setting the stage for unparalleled eeriness. As darkness falls, watch in awe as the included LED lights bring a Jack'O'Lantern to life, casting an unsettling, flickering glow over the scene. Standing at an imposing 10 1/2 inches tall, this Michael Myers model embodies the essence of fear, capturing the very spirit of Halloween itself.

Embracing Spooktacular October with Hobbyco

As we draw the curtains on our exploration of spooky anime figures and collectables for Halloween 2023, we've ventured into some truly spooky and fit-for-the-seaon picks. Each of these collectables possesses its own unique charm and embodies the spirit of Halloween in its own way.

If you find yourself captivated by the spine-tingling allure of these figures, there's no better place to explore them than at Hobbyco. Our curated selection awaits, offering you the chance to add a touch of the supernatural to your Halloween celebrations.

May you have a Spooktacular October filled with chills, thrills, and delightful frights!

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