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      Create your own realistic military scenarios with Hobbyco’s wide range of military model kits. From model tanks to intricate figurines, Hobbyco has everything you need to recreate your favourite military battles.

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      If you have more than a few military hobbies, browse Hobbyco’s comprehensive collection of land military model kits for quality tanks, figurines, equipment, and more.

      What Is Included In A Military Model Kit?

      The exact contents of a military model kit depend, of course, on the kit you purchase! Hobbyco offers our customers kits of all different shapes and sizes, perfect for passionate model enthusiasts and those just tipping their toe in the world of military model kits.

      Take the Tamiya Tent Set, for example. Tamiya is well known for its Military Miniature model kits, which feature intricate, realistic accessories to complete your military set-up. The Tent Set includes a tent, radio equipment, and a lifelike German Africa Corps communication soldier.

      If you’re looking for a slightly larger collection, check out Tamiya’s German 88mm Gun Flak 36 — “North African Campaign”. The German 88mm was one of the Axis’ most powerful and accurate artillery pieces and saw action in France, Russia, and North Africa. 

      This kit features 8 artillery crew pieces, a KS750 motorcycle, an ammunition rack, shells, and a rangefinder for a completely realistic diorama set-up. 

      All of Hobbyco’s military model kits can be customised with our comprehensive selection of model paint sets

      Model Tanks From Hobbyco

      Few hobby stores offer as broad a range of model tanks as Hobbyco. Check out some of our customers’ favourite models below!

      Tamiya Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf.F

      The Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf.F is a popular German light tank from WWII that hit the production line in 1942. This particular variant was the last tank to use a short-barrelled gun and was primarily utilised on the Eastern Front and North Africa. 

      Tamiya has taken the Ausf.F and neatly packaged it in a 1/35 scale plastic model, complete with optional parts found on desertified trucks, a commander figure, gunner, and loader.

      Tamiya M4 Sherman

      Few tanks made as significant a contribution to the Allied victory in WWII as the M4 Sherman. The most widely used tank used by the United States and Western Allies, the M4 Sherman was named after American Civil War hero William Tecumseh Sherman and has seen action in a number of conflicts following WWII, including the Vietnam War and Korean War.

      Tamiya has created a 1/35 scale plastic assembly of the M4 Sherman, complete with accurate turret interior details and driver, radio operator and commander figures.

      Tamiya Russian T-34 Medium Tank

      The Soviets relied heavily on the T-34 Medium Tank throughout WWII. The unique sloped armour made the tank deceptively thick, a feature that surprised the German opposition. Boasting an 85mm long barrel gun, the Russian T-34 played a significant role in the eventual Allied victory.

      Tamiya’s 1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit sits at 169mm long and 63mm wide. Paint sets are available to create a truly accurate T-34 replica. 

      Shop With Hobbyco For Military Model Kits!

      If you’re passionate about military model kits, the good news is the team at Hobbyco is too!

      As a family-owned company dating back to 1935, we’ve been at the forefront of the hobby world for decades now. We’re proud of the wide range of products we offer our customers, including an extensive range of model tanks and military model kits.

      Whether you’re looking for a specific tank or a team of front-line infantrymen, Hobbyco has what you need. Shop securely online or visit our team in-store today!

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