As one of the most established model-making companies in the world, Italeri produces a diverse range of construction kits, from classic Volvos to elaborate battle scenes

      Built with great attention to detail, Italeri models are an excellent choice for any model-maker, from the beginner to the advanced hobbyist and are available to purchase at Hobbyco.

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      Who is Italeri?

      Italeri is a world leader in the production of plastic model kits, developing high-quality products and setting new standards in the modelling industry. An Italian company established sixty years ago; the company has transformed over the decades from a traditional manufacturer to an international reality whose products reach every corner of the world. 

      Italeri’s core focus is to provide modellers with superior quality models, including cars, aeroplanes, ships, figures and accessories, and creative tools which enable them to recreate past eras and famous battles. 

      With thousands of high-quality products available, Italeri models are an invaluable resource for any serious modeller and are available to purchase at Hobbyco.

      What Scale Models by Italeri Are Available?

      Hobbyco stocks a comprehensive range of Italeri scale models to suit the needs of all hobbyists.

      If you’re a beginner to the world of scale models, you might want to consider a slightly simpler model set, like the 1/72 Spitfire MK.VB

      Alternatively, if you’re an experienced model enthusiast, you might be interested in a complex kit that requires significant time and attention to detail to assemble. The 1/35 M.A.S. 568 4A Serie With Crew, for example, is an intricate homage to one of the greatest and most powerful war vessels to ever take to the seas.

      Whatever your skill level and interests, there’s an Italeri model set available for you at Hobbyco.

      What Battle Sets by Italeri Are Available?

      For many model hobbyists, the most exciting project to take on is recreating a famous battle. Italeri sets enable you to build replica battles down to the finest detail, recalling some of the most important and memorable war moments in history. 

      Some of the most popular Italeri battle sets available at Hobbyco include:

      1/72 Berlin 1945 Fall of the Reichstag Battle Set

      The Fall of the Reichstag was one of the last and most significant offensive battles of WWII, which resulted in the German capital being taken by Soviet forces. 

      Now is your chance to recreate this historic moment with the Italeri Berlin 1945 Fall of the Reichstag Battle Set, complete with a laser-cut Reichstag, figures from both sides of the battle and tanks and weaponry. 

      1:72 French Infantry (Napoleonic Wars)

      If you cast your mind a little further back through history, you’ll eventually reach the Napoleonic Wars, a series of battles by the French and their allies against a number of coalitions. 

      Pay homage to the all-conquering French with your very own French Infantry Italeri battle set. The line infantry played a critical role in these battles and are able to be customised here with our range of paint sets

      What Italeri Model Truck Kits Are Available?

      If you’re specifically interested in model trucks, you’ve come to the right place. Hobbyco’s range of Italeri model truck kits is second to none and features a number of popular sets, including the historic 1/24 Jeep Willys and 1/35 Fiat CM Coloniale, alongside more contemporary model truck kits such as the 1/24 Scania S730 Highline.

      Old-fashioned and modern-day — Hobbyco has it all.

      Shop for Italeri Models at Hobbyco 

      Given their many years of experience and the respect they command in the model kit industry, Italeri models are a great option for hobbyists, young and old.

      Browse the complete collection of Italeri battle sets and Italeri model truck kits available on our website today and shop securely online or in-store. 

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