Few types of toys are quite as fun as construction sets. Whether you're putting together an anti-missile aircraft gun or a traditional steam train, a model brick kit can provide hours of entertainment, encouraging young minds to take an interest in engineering and problem-solving.

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      If you're looking for a new type of construction toy, why not consider Sluban? The company supplies a broad range of model brick kits to spark creativity and encourage cognitive development. Plus, putting them together and playing with them is super fun!

      Check out the comprehensive collection of Sluban model brick kits available to purchase online at Hobbyco today.

      What is Sluban?

      Sluban is a unique construction toy brand and provides hours of fun for everyone! Their exciting range of products offers a variety of building experiences, with everything from army vehicles and fighter planes to high-speed racing cars. Whether it's for playtime or creative expression, there's something in their collection to inspire every adventure. 

      Sluban sets are designed to be easy to use and come with simple instruction manuals that allow anyone to turn the pieces into whatever they can imagine. Inspire your little builder's imagination or introduce beginner technical engineering concepts — Sluban has what you need! 

      Are Sluban Blocks Compatible With LEGO®?

      Sluban blocks are designed to be compatible with a range of popular construction toy products, making them an excellent addition to your child's toy cupboard.

      If you want to know whether Sluban bricks are compatible with a specific type of toy, including LEGO®, we encourage you to contact our friendly customer service team.

      What Types of Sluban Models Are Available?

      From Sluban aircraft carriers to army battle scenes, there's a kit for everyone available at Hobbyco. Plus, we're always adding to our range, so check back regularly to see what new products are available.

      Some of our most popular Sluban brick kits include:

      1012PCS Model Bricks Titanic Large

      Arguably the world's most famous ship: now is your chance to recreate the Titanic in miniature form with the Sluban Model Bricks Titanic.

      Composed of 1012 pieces, you can choose to either display your model or play with it thanks to the high-quality, durable construction pieces. The kit comes with glossy, full-colour instructions and is suitable for those aged six and above.  

      Minifigures WW2 in Box 1PC

      No military set-up is complete without figurines, making the Minifigures WW2 kit an essential addition to your Sluban collection. These Sluban army figurines are suitable for those aged four and above.

      Power Bricks Pull Back Train 57PCS

      If your little one isn't super invested in the world of fighter jets and military pilots, they might be more interested in the Power Bricks Pull Back Train.

      Upon having built the train, you can put the pedal to the metal and race it to try and beat your all-time speed record. Choo-choo — all aboard!

      Where Is Sluban Made?

      Sluban model bricks are manufactured in China and are available to purchase all over the world, including at Hobbyco, for Australian-based customers.

      For more information about manufacturing, contact our customer service team.

      Where Can I Buy Sluban Bricks Online in Australia?

      The simplest way to get your hands on Sluban bricks online in Australia is to shop with Hobbyco.

      Our team is passionate about providing customers with the latest and greatest toys, hobby products, and more, making Sluban a natural addition to our vast and ever-growing production collection.

      Check out the full range of Sluban model bricks kits, from taxis to dump trucks, on our website today and feel free to contact our team with any questions.