5 Christmas Gifts for the Kids At Heart


A Blog by Justin Ponti

Here at Hobbyco, we're proud to admit that we're all just big kids in adult bodies. We embrace our inner "kidult" status wholeheartedly, finding joy in hobbies and toys just as much as the youngsters do.

So, when Christmas rolls around, we're in our element, picking out the perfect gifts for fellow hobby enthusiasts. If you or someone you know shares our youthful spirit, here are five fantastic Christmas gift ideas:

1. LEGO Star Wars

This year, some of our top picks come from the Star Wars and The Mandalorian universe. LEGO lovers, get ready to be amazed! Our extensive LEGO Star Wars collection is a dream come true for any fan. These sets aren't just for building; they're for displaying and admiring. With some seriously impressive builds on offer, we recommend getting in on the action early. LEGO and Star Wars are always hot items, especially around Christmas, so don't wait until they're all gone!

2. Bandai Star Wars Model Kits

When it comes to model kits, we're the experts, and Bandai's Star Wars offerings are among our bestsellers. These sets are a perfect fit for those with a moderate level of model-building experience who happen to be Star Wars fans. Our staff members are already eyeing these kits for their Christmas lists! If you're new to model kits, we suggest starting with beginner-level kits to build your skills before tackling Bandai's more advanced offerings. These kits are meticulously designed with precise detail and accurate colours, based on extensive research of the original props.

3. Gundam Model Kits4. Harry Potter LEGO, Games, Puzzles, and More

Even if you're not familiar with Gundam, you can't deny that these kits look incredible! They come in various levels of complexity, from Entry Grade to Master Grade, and can include chain guns, rifles, shields, grenades, and axes. A completed Gunpla makes an impressive display for your home or office. These kits involve assembling various pieces and following instructions to create your very own Gunpla masterpiece. If you're new to it, start with Entry Grade kits; if you're experienced, step up to High Grade and Master Grade.

4. Harry Potter LEGO, Games, Puzzles, and More

Who can resist the enchanting world of Harry Potter? J.K. Rowling made us believe that we could all be wizards and witches, receiving our invitations to Hogwarts. The Harry Potter franchise sparks creativity and imagination to this day. It's a fantastic gift for "kidults" who still cherish the movie series. With a variety of Harry Potter-themed products, including games, LEGO sets, and puzzles, there's something for every fan.

5. Super Heroes LEGO, Models, Puzzles, and More

Did you know the first superhero was the Phantom in 1936? Superheroes are timeless symbols of inspiration and justice, perfect for kids and adults alike. Superheroes send a powerful message about protecting those in need and fighting for justice, making them beloved by all ages. With a range of superheroes available in LEGO, puzzles, and collectables, you can't go wrong when selecting the perfect superhero Christmas gift.

Choosing the Perfect Christmas Gift with Hobbyco

When choosing a gift for a "kidult," it's essential to consider their passions and interests. The right gift can ignite the inner child and bring endless joy. So, don't forget to check out our other Christmas blogs for more gift ideas. If you have any questions, please message us on Facebook or call us at 02 8332 1400.

Also, add a special touch with a Christmas card and use our Hobbyco bag as a gift bag to save time on wrapping. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $99 or $9.50 nationwide, with some exceptions. Plus, shop now and pay later with Afterpay or Zip Pay.

From all of us at Hobbyco, we wish you a fun and happy holidays! 🎄


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