Looking for the perfect gift for an architecture fan? Look no further than LEGO Architecture! Hobbyco has a wide variety of sets from all around the world, perfect for any enthusiast.

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      Our sets are suitable for anyone aged 13 and up, and they're the perfect way to push the boundaries of what any creator thinks LEGO can do. We have a wide variety of sets from all around the world – Singapore, Tokyo, Paris, and the Pyramids all get their time to shine in this LEGO theme! So whether you're looking for a unique gift for someone special, or you're just trying to treat yourself, LEGO Architecture is the way to go! Consult our range online or in-store today.

      Where To Buy LEGO Architecture

      For anyone looking to buy LEGO Architecture in Australia, the best place to start is the Hobbyco website. Here, you'll find a wide selection of LEGO Architecture Sets, including the best-selling Singapore Skyline! Once you've decided on the perfect set, you can purchase it online or at our brick-and-mortar store. We offer free shipping on orders over $125, so take advantage of that deal today! If you need help selecting or finding a particular set, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service team love having the opportunity to help any budding architects discover their new favourite build.

      Why Is LEGO Architecture So Expensive?

      LEGO Architecture is a high-end LEGO set that is more expensive than the average. The reasons for this are many, but the most significant factor is the level of detail and accuracy that goes into each LEGO set. For example, the LEGO Architecture set of the Taj Mahal is a replica of the real thing, down to tiny little details. This level of accuracy is only possible because of the use of specialised moulding techniques and high-quality materials. As a result, LEGO Architecture sets are significantly more expensive than regular LEGO sets. 

      For many people, the extra cost is worth it for the incredible level of detail and accuracy that these sets offer. LEGO Architecture was developed by Adam Reed Tucker, who wanted to blend his love for architectural design with his love for LEGOs, and this shine through in every set. After you’ve put together your set, you’ll agree that there’s something priceless about having a picture-perfect model of an architectural icon in your own home, built with your own two hands!

      How To Build LEGO Architecture

      To get started, all you need is a LEGO Architecture set and some basic LEGO building knowledge. If you’ve never built with LEGO before, you may want to try one of the more traditional models so that you have the hang of the process! LEGO Architecture is an especially intricate style of LEGO building, so it may not be suited to an outright beginner.

      The first step is to familiarise yourself with the set's instructions. Flick through the booklet and take note of any parts that stand out to you - if anything looks particularly tricky, or particularly fun, you’ll want to give it your full attention once you arrive there. After doing that, it's time to start building!

      Start by following the instructions for the base of the building. As you go, you’ll add on the different levels, step by step, one by one. Pay attention to the detail work - this is what makes LEGO Architecture sets so special. Many of the LEGO Architecture sets are full of tiny little surprises and pieces of LEGO-building ingenuity! Don’t rush. Take your time and enjoy the process. LEGO Architecture sets are best enjoyed mindfully, so that you can appreciate the significant work that the original architects, the LEGO designers, and you are putting into it.

      Once you've finished building your LEGO replica, step back and admire your handiwork! You've just recreated a beautiful piece of architectural history - congratulations!

      What Is The Best LEGO Architecture Set?

      The best LEGO Architecture sets are going to be the ones that most appeal to you. Maybe you’re after a set that represents your home city, or a place you’d love to travel to one day! If you have special memories of a trip to Paris, that might be the best LEGO Architecture set for you. The choice is yours. 

      One of the most popular LEGO Architecture sets of all time is the Statue of Liberty. It’s a great introduction to the world of LEGO Architecture sets, with this iconic American monument reproduced in LEGO form with incredible attention to detail. The set includes all of the classic features of the Statue of Liberty, from the torch-bearing arm to the broken chains at her feet. The set comes with a handy booklet that provides information on the history and symbolism of this important American symbol. 

      This build is by no means simple and is likely to take several hours of concentrated construction for it to come to fruition. With 1685 pieces, the completed model stands at a height of over 44cm. Display Lady Liberty proudly wherever you store your LEGO collection. This LEGO Architecture set is a testament not just to the values of one of the world’s largest nations, but to the creative potential and ingenuity of LEGO products.

      Which LEGO Architecture Sets Are Retiring Soon?

      Every year some LEGO sets are retired to make way for new models, and LEGO Architecture sets are no different. In 2022, five LEGO Architecture sets are expected to be retired - New York City, London, the Statue of Liberty, Paris, and Tokyo. As LEGO Architecture sets are discontinued they become scarcer, and therefore more valuable. It’s important to act quickly if there’s a LEGO Architecture set that you really want which is soon to be retired. 

      That being said, even with some sets retiring a huge amount of other options remain in production. The Taj Mahal and Singapore sets show no signs of slowing down, for example. New sets are being debuted all the time, and you never know what the designers over at LEGO HQ are going to come up with next! There are 66 sets available to date, and that number is only expected to grow as time goes on.

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