Take your model landscape project to the next level with the range of Noch models available at Hobbyco. From figurines to grass mats, we offer everything you could need to create the landscape of your dreams.

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      What Are Noch Products?

      If you are at all familiar with the world of model railways and landscaping, you’ve probably heard of Noch. A German company, Noch has been producing high-quality, realistic model products for over 100 years now, striving to make model landscaping a fun and achievable hobby for all their customers.

      Noch’s range of products, available to purchase at Hobbyco, is comprehensive and includes everything from decorative Flowers in Small Pots to Scatter Meadow Grass. If you have a vision for your model setup, there’s a Noch product to help you achieve it.  

      What Types Of Noch Products Are Available?

      Noch prides itself on being able to provide every type of model landscaping product imaginable to help bring your dream to life. 

      Noch products, as available at Hobbyco, can be divided into four main categories:

      Buildings and Kits

      Noch buildings and kits play a critical role in powering your model train setup. The Noch E-Kit Light Barrier and Noch E-Kit Twilight Switch will take your model railway to another level. 

      Scale Figures

      No model landscape is complete without figurines. The right figurines can infuse energy into your setup and add a touch of personality. 

      Many of these figures are themed and belong to a broader collection. The HO Santa Claus with Sleigh, HO Santa Claus & Angels, and HO Children In The Snow, for example, can all be combined to form the perfect Christmas setup.     

      Scale Vehicles

      Your figures may be stuck in place, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give them the illusion of having somewhere to go. A scale vehicle like the Laser Cut Wagon adds depth and story to your landscape, making it an essential Noch product.

      Scenery Supplies

      Scenery supplies are where Noch really shines. Not all suppliers of model landscaping products are equal, and Noch is certainly known for its commitment to high-quality, realistic decorations.

      Whether you opt for a basic Lichen Green Mix or a more complex 25-piece Mixed Forest Trees pack, the choice to use Noch scenery supplies is always a good one.

      How Do You Attach Tracks And Buildings To Structured Hard Foam Terrain?

      One of the most significant challenges facing model landscape enthusiasts is attaching tracks and buildings to their chosen terrain. While there are no hard and fast rules, there are specific strategies you can adopt that will make the process of constructing your scene a lot easier and more enjoyable.

      Noch offers a number of products to help ensure tracks and buildings stay well adhered to structured hard foam terrain, including Laser Cut Special Adhesive, Grass Glue, Sticky Ballast, and more.

      Using the correct type of adhesive is crucial to the appearance and stability of your model landscape. If you have any questions, be sure to contact our friendly and knowledgeable team before making a purchase. 

      Which Glue Is Best For Glueing Grass Mats?

      If you’ve chosen to decorate your landscape with a Noch grass mat, it’s a good idea to use also Noch Grass Glue, which is available in both 250ml and 750ml varieties.  

      Shop For Noch Models At Hobbyco

      Your search for Noch products in Australia is over. Hobbyco offers a comprehensive range of Noch models to suit hobby enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels.

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