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      Take your love of anime and model figures to the next level with the collection of Tamashii Nations collectibles available at Hobbyco.

      If you know anything about models and collectibles, you know that Tamashii Nations is a highly respected player in the industry and that their collection of companies consistently produces high-quality models from an array of popular animes, films, and TV shows. 

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      Check out the range of Tamashii Nations products available to purchase at Hobbyco today.

      What Is Tamashii Nations?

      Tamashii Nations is a collection of Japanese companies that produce high-quality models and figurines from beloved anime shows. With its vast array of characters ranging from iconic superheroes to beloved anime series, the company is making waves in the international collectibles market.

      The term 'Tamashii' means 'soul' or 'spirit' in Japanese and refers to the fact that the company puts their full heart and soul into the design, development, and manufacturing of collectibles for its customers to enjoy.

      As one of the leading action figure brands in Japan, Tamashii Nations features a wide selection of characters from anime, games, tokusatsu, figure industry brands, and more! 

      Recognised worldwide for their unique construction and design features, such as higher movement range and real machine-inspired style joints, Tamashii Nations figures are sure to please any collector searching for a high-quality product. 

      As a leading provider of toys, collectibles, and hobby products, Hobbyco offers our customers a comprehensive range of Tamashii Nations products from their favourite shows, mangas, and more. 

      Is Tamashii Nations the Same As Bandai?

      Tamashii Nations is a subsidiary of the popular Japanese toy company Bandai. However, it is far from a "smaller version" of the business. Rather, Tamashii Nations has its own area of expertise and is highly respected within the model and collectible industries.

      The company focuses on high-end collectible figures that feature advanced production techniques, intricate details and expert craftsmanship. 

      Tamashii Nations strives to provide unique and outstanding products unlike any others available and has firmly established itself in collectible culture thanks to its attention to detail and cutting-edge presentation.

      What Types of Tamashii Nations Action Figures Are Available?

      Hobbyco stocks a comprehensive collection of Tamashii Nations figurines for collectors of all ages and interests to enjoy.

      Some of the most popular Bandai Tamashii Nations products in our collection include:

      Figuartszero Satoru Gojo

      If you're a fan of the smash-hit anime 'Jujutsu Kaisen', you need to add the Figuartszero Satoru Gojo to your collection. With effect parts that accurately replicate his famed Hollow Technique: Purple, this 180mm sized model will look great displayed on your bookshelf or desk. 

      Figuarts Mini Toge Inumaki

      If you want to show off your love for a particular anime but need more room to do so, consider the range of Figuarts Mini products available at Hobbyco. 

      The Mini Toge Inumaki sits at a neat 9cm tall and offers a stylised design crafted from ABS and PVC.

      S.H.Figuarts Iron Spider Man No Way Home

      Tamashii Nations have expanded their product range to include characters from the worldwide smash hit film and TV series, including Spider Man.

      The Iron Spider Man from the popular film 'Spider Man: No Way Home' comes complete with three optional eye variations, four pairs of optional hands, a two-handed web option and a spider web effect set to help you recreate your favourite film moments.

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