Since the turn of the 20th century, Brio has been producing high-quality goods. Since then, they've managed to effectively blend innovation with reverence for their goods' and craftsmanship's rich history.

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      Maybe you enjoyed playing with Brio when you were younger? This nostalgia is the foundation of Brio’s mission—to foster the same positive childhood experiences that generations before them had.

      Brio never stops appreciating the wonder of play and helping kids grow and develop in a secure environment, all while improving your quality of life as a parent.

      Brio Trains

      Brio produces some of the greatest wooden railroads in the world. You'll quickly see why if you choose from their collection of themed railway sets. By using Smart Tech, Brio can give their toys additional layers of play value and utility. A new sort of engagement between a youngster and a toy is possible because of clever design and integrated technology. Cause-and-effect chain reactions are produced by combining sound, light, and movement, and these responses serve as mini-stories. The farm animals come to life as a train passes. A tunnel makes an engine halt, reverse, or even seem broken, giving your kid the chance to play the role of the hero by choosing what happens next. The iconic soft curves and wooden elements of Brio are combined with new educational and entertaining features in Smart Tech. The outcome is a profound and rich experience that leads to many hours of engrossing play. See these features in action with kits such as the Brio Collapsing Bridge!

      Brio Toys

      Looking for something in the Brio range that is a little bit different? Brio don’t just make trucks and trains, they’ve also got a variety of other toys to suit everybody! 

      Take a look at the Brio Singing Stage. With this, you can sing on your own stage as a celebrity for the day. The music and blinking lights start as soon as the microphone is placed on the ground; the show can now begin!

      Since its debut in 1946, the Brio Labyrinth Game has engaged and captivated players of all ages, as seen by its 3 million copies sold! Without letting the ball fall into any of the holes, balance it from beginning to end. You think it's simple? You give it a try! Place the metal ball at the beginning point and then move the labyrinth board and the metal ball from there, avoiding obstacles along the route, by twisting the handles. Find out how far you can go!

      How many points can you score? Take on the challenge with the Pinball Game, a thrilling miniature pinball machine that combines a lovely design with entertaining functions. Place the metal ball into the launch ramp, and then use the wooden plunger to propel it. The falling metal ball will need to be caught quickly with the flippers as it soars and bounces across the playfield with a space theme. When you get the ball into one of the points holes, it will return to the scoring area at the bottom to show your score. Play with all five balls, then add up your best result.

      Where To Buy Brio Trains

      Hobbyco is your go-to store for all things Brio! We have a complete range of Brio products, from Brio trucks to Brio trains, and everything in between. If you’re after a Brio train set, we’ve got you covered. Regardless of whether you’re looking for new trains and vehicles for your collection or parts to assemble bigger tracks, you can find something that will suit your needs at Hobbyco. We have ascending tracks, mini straight tracks, and much, much more.

      Hobbyco has been in business since 1935 and offers free delivery on orders over $125! For a fixed charge of $10, we'll send anything across the nation for anything less. Additionally, you may use Afterpay, Zip, Klarna, Latitude, or Laybuy to benefit from the ease of instalment payments. Check out our choices and buy right away!

      Where Are Brio Trains Made?

      In 1884, BRIO was established in the small Swedish town of Osby. The little family-run firm is now BRIO AB, an international conglomerate with branches in Germany, France, and Japan as well as distributors all over the world. BRIO presently offers a wide variety of toys as well as activities for the entire family under the Alga brand. 

      Since 2006, BRIO's headquarters have been in Malmö. Around 70 persons are employed by BRIO as a whole, which has representation in around 20 nations.

      Since the 1940s, BRIO has served as a purveyor to the Swedish Royal Court.

      BRIO is currently owned by Ravensburger, one of the top producers of puzzles, games, and activity goods in Europe. Ravensburger is also one of the top publishers of children's and young adult literature in the German-speaking world.

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