For many model enthusiasts, painting their finished miniature is the best part of the project. Take your paint job to the next level with the wide range of Vallejo paints available at Hobbyco.

      Vallejo is well known for its high-quality paints and painting accessories, making the job of bringing your models to life easy and fun.

      Check out Hobbyco's line of Vallejo paint sets online today to get excited and inspired!

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      What Type Of Paints Are Vallejo?

      Vallejo has made a name for itself as a leading provider of water-based acrylic paints for hobbyists and craft lovers. Acrylic paint is a simple and fast-drying product that is favoured by amateurs and professionals alike as it is reasonably easy to layer and produces a consistent finish. It's certainly preferred for this purpose over other types of paints, including oil-based products.

      With hundreds of colours available, there is a Vallejo shade to suit any project and material. Vallejo paints have a particularly smooth consistency and opaque coverage, making them easy to work with and perfect for layering techniques. In addition, they boast fast drying times and the option of being diluted with water or specialist paint thinners for your convenience. 

      Whether you're a hobbyist or professional, Vallejo paints are an excellent choice for bringing your miniature designs to life. Try them out for yourself today.

      How Good Are Vallejo Paints?

      Vallejo paints are amongst the best on the market for a reason — or two!

      First established in 1965, Vallejo has been producing quality paints for a range of uses for decades. Whilst the company initially specialised in acrylic paint for animation studios, they quickly moved on to making paint for fine art before arriving at their current product line, which is perfect for decorating miniatures and models.

      When it comes to finding the perfect shade and consistency for your artistic vision, Vallejo paints consistently deliver. Their wide range of colours and finishes, from sea grey to bright orange, make them a go-to choice for both beginners and professional hobbyists alike. 

      Even better, Vallejo paints are available in a variety of formats, including eye-dropper and spray paint. Creating the perfect finish on your painted models has never been easier!  

      But what really sets Vallejo apart is their unmatched combination of affordability and quality. Whether you are trying out a new technique or decorating an intricate miniature, these paints provide smooth application and rich pigment without breaking the bank. 

      So next time you're considering which paint company to trust, consider Vallejo, available at Hobbyco.

      Can You Brush On Vallejo Paint?

      When it comes to decorating miniatures and models, many people wonder whether they are able to use a regular brush to apply airbrush paint. While it's not impossible, there are several factors to take into account to ensure you end up with a final product you are happy with.

      The consistency of paint tends to vary between companies and product lines, with airbrush-specific paint usually being a lot thinner than regular acrylic. 

      You may find that Vallejo paint, for example, is far thicker than Tamiya paint — or vice versa. It's essential to establish this before getting out your paint brushes — otherwise, you could be in for a very frustrating and disappointing experience!

      Be aware, too, that there are thinner products available to help reduce the consistency of your chosen paint. It's best to use paint and thinner of the same brand as they are designed to work together. If you're working with Vallejo paint, invest in Vallejo airbrush thinner for maximum results. 

      Another step you can take to ensure your paint applies consistently is to prepare the surface with a primer. Doing so will increase the adhesion of the surface, block stains from showing through and improves the durability of the paint. Vallejo primers are available in a range of colours, including black and grey, and will go a long way to improving the appearance of your painted model. 

      Finally, regardless of what type of paint and painting technique you are using, be sure to apply a coat of varnish. In order to do so, wait until the paint is completely dry, which will usually take at least 24 hours. Varnish will protect your finished model from scratches, dust, and dirt, keeping it looking crystal clean for as long as possible.

      Shop For Vallejo Paints At Hobbyco

      If you're searching for Vallejo paints in Australia, you've come to the right place. 

      Hobbyco offers our customers a comprehensive range of Vallejo paints and products, including Vallejo primer, to ensure you're able to accurately decorate a model to your complete satisfaction.

      From carmine red to fluorescent blue, there's a shade of Vallejo paint for everybody. Browse the full range of Vallejo paint sets available at Hobbyco online today, and be sure to contact our team with any questions.

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