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      There’s no better way to bring people together than with a party board game. Whether you’ve invited some close friends over or are looking for a way to shake up your next family games night, Hobbyco has the perfect party games for you.

      Our range of comprehensive funny board games is second to none and features some of the all time great titles, including Never Have I Ever, Throw Throw Avocado and many more. Browse our party board games today! 

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      What Makes A Good Party Game?

      Board, card and drinking games are an excellent way to break the ice at a party and help form connections between guests who may not know each other. If you’re planning a party, your choice of games can make or break the evening, so be discerning and do your research before making a selection!

      There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a party board game. To start with, a good party game should be easy to learn and quick to play. It should also be suitable for a wide range of ages and player numbers. Above all, a good party game should be fun! 

      There are many different types of party games available, so it is important to choose one that will suit the mood and interests of your guests. For example, if you are hosting a relaxed gathering, then a trivia game or word game might be perfect — like The Chase Australia Board Game

      If you are planning an energetic party, then a physical game or charades might be more suitable. Consider a game like Scrawl to get your guests involved and chatting to each other.

      Ultimately, the best way to find a great party game is to experiment and have fun!

      What Are The Best Group Board Games?

      Here at Hobbyco, we know a thing or two about games and believe our selection contains party board games that everyone will enjoy.

      If you are looking to buy your very first group board game, we recommend checking out Wavelength. Two teams compete to try and read each other’s minds — it’s the perfect way for a group of friends to better get to know one another.

      Taboo is another delightful game that requires team members to give creative, carefully-worded clues to describe a particular word. It’s both tricky and accessible for family and friends. 

      Where Can I Buy Drinking Games?

      From Hobbyco — of course!

      Our range of party games for adults contains a number of drinking games that are the perfect way to kick back and relax with friends. Check out some of the most popular drinking card games in Australia below!


      Buzzed comes with a clear warning printed on the front — ‘this is the drinking game that gets you and your friends tipsy™.’

      This card drinking game couldn’t be more simple: just pull a card from the deck, read the card out loud and either you or the group will drink depending on the prompt. For example, your card might say ‘take a drink if you’re wearing more than two earrings.’ If this describes you — you guessed it, you have to take a drink!

      Buzzed is a great game for those over the age of 18 looking for a fun way to spend an evening with friends.  


      The title of You Laugh You Drink is pretty self explanatory. In this simple game, players take it in turns to pick a target, pull a card from the deck and perform the action listed. If they manage to make their target laugh, the target has to take a drink!

      A fun way to bring friends together while enjoying a drink (or two!)


      A take on the classic game of truth or dare, Truth or Drink comes with 410 questions sorted over four different categories — Happy Hour, On the Rocks, Last Call, and Extra Dirty. Draw a card from your chosen deck, ask the group, and everyone has the choice to either tell the truth or take a drink!

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