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      Any hobbyist worth their salt needs to have a solid set of tools. To build and maintain your kits, you will need items that support your passion and make your work easier. When it comes to modelling tools, you're better off buying nice than buying twice.  

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      At Hobbyco, you can find everything from modelling accessories and glues to paint brushes and airbrushing machines. Thanks to our wide range of toys, puzzles, model kits and accessories, plus our rich history, we consider ourselves far from just your regular hobby store. Explore our collections today to find the items you need for your next build! 

      Why Do I Need Hobby Tools 

      A good set of hobby tools is essential for anyone who loves working with their hands. The right tools can help you accomplish any project quicker and more efficiently and enable your creative ideas to come to life in ways that wouldn't be possible otherwise. 

      With the right mix of hobby tools, you can take on projects of all shapes and sizes while keeping safety and efficiency in mind. Whether you focus on plastic kits or crafting hand-made jewellery, having the right tools will make all the difference. Investing in Hobbyco's range of tools is an excellent way to ensure your visions become a reality!

      What Types of Hobby Tools Does Hobbyco Sell?  


      Experienced hobbyists will tell you there is no better tool than a good pair of tweezers when building intricate kits. Many tiny parts must be snapped into place quickly and precisely, making the tweezers a simple yet essential for any kit builder. 


      Masking tape provides a perfect adhesive for paper, fabric and other materials, allowing hobbyists to combine components on craft projects such as journals or scrapbooks. 


      Whether it be for building kits, scrapbooking, or general fabrication, cutters provide the precision necessary to create various shapes and cut pieces of polystyrene. 

      Painting Sets & Accessories

      Whether you’re painting landscapes or putting the finishing touches on your Spitfire MKXIVC, paint sets and accessories are an essential part of any budding kitters toolbox, allowing them to create pieces that truly reflect your unique artistic vision. Quality brushes and other tools like sponges have the power to make or break your finished product, so they should be chosen carefully with the particular painting style in mind.  

      Modelling Tool Sets

      Hobbyists looking to acquire, build, or customise models of any sort need the right modelling tool sets to get the job done efficiently and effectively. These sets can provide individuals with the necessary resources to achieve an impressive result that might otherwise seem impossible without specialty tools.

      For instance, hobbyists working with small-scale models may need paintbrushes of a certain width or size for greater control and precision. Modelling tool sets are essential for anyone wanting to take their hobby of building miniature models seriously.

      Having the right tools will make the building process easier for beginners and allow for additions such as details and weathering to give each build an authentic look. With a quality modelling toolset in your arsenal, you can build with confidence, knowing that you have all the right pieces in place for your first model project!

      What Do I Need to Know About Modeling Tools from Hobbyco?

      Hobbyco produces exceptional modelling tools, offering the latest innovations and features that make creating detailed models more manageable than ever. Hobbyco's tools are suitable for all skill levels, including those with plenty of experience in the field.

      Our selection includes everything from cutting mats and chisels to magnifiers and design knives. Moreover, every tool is produced with safe, durable materials that won't fade or chip over time. The crafting community has long looked to Hobbyco as an industry leader in modelling tools and accessories, and it's easy to see why.

      Where Can I Buy Hobby Tools in Australia?

      At Hobbyco, of course!

      For our full range of products, feel free to explore our expansive collection of items on our website today. If you require more information, feel free to contact us.