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      Jigsaws have witnessed a remarkable resurgence over the past few years, as more and more people discover the meditative power of puzzling. Whether you’re starting small with a 500 piece puzzle or taking on a more complex challenge, Hobbyco has the perfect jigsaw for you.

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      Those new to the world of jigsaws may not realise there are a number of tools and strategies you can implement to make the task of completing your puzzle a little easier. As experienced hobbyists, Hobbyco is proud to offer a range of jigsaw puzzle accessories to help everyone from complete beginners to seasoned jigsaw experts master the art of puzzling.

      The Perfect Puzzle Set-Up

      If you’re really serious about puzzling, you’ll want to start by creating the perfect puzzle set-up. What does this involve?

      Well, to start with, you’ll want to ensure you have a good puzzle table. The table needs to have a flat surface and be large enough to hold your finished puzzle. Some people prefer to work on a slight slant to reduce the strain on their back. There are plenty of places that sell specialised puzzle tables in Australia, otherwise a good sized dining table will do.

      Of course, if you choose to use your dining table, you’ll need to finish up your puzzle pretty quickly — before dinner time, at the very least! Alternatively, an accessory like the Puzzle & Roll is perfect for storing and transporting your jigsaw puzzles. 

      The Puzzle & Roll, available from Hobbyco, allows you to save your table, desk, or floor space, offering you the space to build up to a 1500 piece puzzle on a felt mat that can be rolled around a cardboard cylinder and fastened for easy storage and transportation.

      If you don’t like the idea of rolling your puzzle up but still need a portable puzzle solution, the Port-A-Puzzle might be a more appropriate product. Available in both 1500 and 1000 piece sizes, the Port-A-Puzzle features a non-slip lining to reduce the risk of your pieces moving around. 

      Once it’s time to call it a day on your puzzling, simply place the loose panels on top of your pieces before closing and securing the fasteners. 

      If you’re searching for a jigsaw puzzle board in Australia, look no further than Hobbyco.

      Essential Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories

      Don’t stop with the Puzzle & Roll. Hobbyco offers a broad range of jigsaw puzzle accessories to take your puzzle game to the next level. 

      If sorting jigsaw puzzle pieces is your least favourite part of puzzling, the Sort Your Puzzle is a must-have product. Puzzle pieces can be sorted into individual trays by colour, which can then be stacked together for compact organisation and easy transportation. 

      Sort and store up to 1000 puzzle pieces using Ravensburger’s Sort Your Puzzle!

      Some hate sorting puzzle pieces and some hate the process of breaking down their puzzle and packing it away. Well, what if there was a product that allowed you to show off your favourite puzzle for friends and family to enjoy?

      The Ravensburger Puzzle Conserver is designed for all Ravensburger puzzles and enables keen puzzlers to glue and display their favourite puzzles. The liquid glue is applied directly to the surface of the puzzle and takes just one hour to dry completely.  

      Shop With Hobbyco For All Your Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories

      Few pastimes are quite as enjoyable as completing a puzzle. Whether you’re challenging yourself to a 3D puzzle or completing a standard 1000 piece puzzle with a friend, Hobbyco has the puzzle accessories required to take your puzzling to the next level.

      Browse our full range of jigsaw puzzle accessories online or visit our team in-store today!