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      Few games are quite as well-known as Dungeons & Dragons. If you enjoy coming up with stories and testing your creativity with family and friends, a DnD board game could be the perfect investment.  

      DnD games can last anywhere from a few hours to an entire day — or even multiple days for particularly complex campaigns. Hobbyco understands how passionate DnD fans are and provides our customers with an ever-growing range of Dungeons and Dragons starter sets and expansion packs for their enjoyment.  

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      What Is Dungeons & Dragons?

      Dungeons & Dragons is a fantasy table-top game that was first released in 1974. Since then, it has quickly grown to become one of the most popular games ever created.

      More commonly known as ‘DnD,’ Dungeons & Dragons sees participants take on the role of a single character. Led by ‘The Dungeon Master,’ who is in charge of running the game, the collective group take on a series of adventures in an imaginary world of their own creation. Characters interact with each other and inhabitants of the world over a series of playing sessions that are collectively known as ‘the campaign.’

      The game is played with dice and miniatures, and it requires both tactical thinking and creative problem-solving. Over the years, Dungeons & Dragons has evolved and changed, but it remains one of the most popular games ever made, even inspiring movies, TV shows, and DnD books. 

      Whether you're a seasoned player or a complete newcomer, Dungeons and Dragons is a game that everyone should try.

      Hobbyco stocks a comprehensive range of Dungeons & Dragons sets to ensure everyone has the opportunity to experience the magic of this long-running game.

      What Is The Best D&D Game For Beginners?

      Those who have never played Dungeons & Dragons before often find their first campaign to be a little intimidating. D&D requires the ability to think creatively on the spot, which can be overwhelming for newcomers.

      However, with time you’ll soon find your feet and will come to love the freedom offered by this tabletop game. There are a few essential things you will need to start playing Dungeons and Dragons, including a rule book, a set of polyhedral dice, a D&D character sheet and a pencil. More experienced players might choose to expand on this list with miniatures and physical boards.

      In addition, there are a few questions to consider when choosing what D&D game to start your adventure with. 

      First, what kind of experience do you want? D&D is a role-playing game, which means that players take on the roles of characters in a fictional world. There are many different worlds to choose from, so think about the kind of story you want to be a part of. 

      Second, how much time do you want to commit? Dungeons & Dragons can be played as a one-time adventure or as an ongoing campaign that meets regularly. Consider, too, how many people you want to play with. D&D can be played with as few as two people, but it’s more fun with a larger group.

      And finally, what kind of budget do you have? Some D&D games require special dice or other materials, but others can be played with just a pencil and paper.

      The Dungeons & Dragons Wizards of the Coast Starter Set contains absolutely everything you need to get going on your D&D journey. Perfect for 4 to 6 players, the Starter Set contains a 64-page adventure book to help the Dungeon Master keep things running smoothly, a 32-page rulebook to help with character development, 5 pre-generated characters and 6 dice. Explore subterranean labyrinths, plunder hoards of treasure and battle legendary monsters with the Wizards of the Coast Starter Set! 

      What Is The Difference Between The D&D Starter Set And Essentials Kit?

      If you are looking to extend your Dungeons & Dragons gameplay a little further, it may be worth looking into an Essentials Kit.

      A D&D Essentials Kit is perfect for people wanting to customise their gameplay and character development. It can be used by beginners but someone new to the world of Dungeons & Dragons may take a little extra time to get their head around the pieces and rules.

      In addition to the Wizards of the Coast Starter Set, Hobbyco also sells the Wizards of the Coast Essentials Kit, which includes a 64-page rulebook, the Dragons of Icespire Peak™ introductory adventure, a four-panel folding Dungeon Master’s screen, 6 blank character sheets, 11 polyhedral dice, and 81 cards that describe magic items, sidekicks and additional D&D elements.

      As you can see, the Essentials Kit is a little more comprehensive and designed for players with a good basic understanding of the gameplay. Both are available to purchase at Hobbyco!

      How Much Does A D&D Game Cost?

      The cost of a Dungeons & Dragons game depends on what the set includes.

      The Wizards of the Coast Starter Set, for example, is $24.99, making it an accessible and affordable introduction to the world of D&D.

      The fact that the Wizards of the Coast Essentials Kit contains a greater number of cards and characters is reflected in the price, which is $34.99.

      Hobbyco sells a broad range of D&D sets and expansion packs, which range in price from $15 to $60. Given the hours of entertainment that come with a Dungeons & Dragons game, any set will be well worth the investment. 

      Shop For Dungeons And Dragons In Australia At Hobbyco

      As a leading supplier of games, toys, and hobby products in Australia, it’s only natural for Hobbyco to sell a comprehensive range of Dungeons & Dragons sets. 

      Whether you’re a first-time player or a passionate D&D fan looking for your next adventure, Hobbyco has you sorted with our starter sets, expansion packs, miniatures, and more.

      All our products can be purchased securely online or you are welcome to visit our team in our Sydney store. Be sure to check our website regularly for new DnD sets and packs.

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