Kotobukiya DC Batman


      Purchasing your very own Kotobukiya is an exciting day for any collector. Kotobukiya has created a niche of high-resin collectibles that look great on anyone’s shelf. Perfect for the new generation of comic book fans looking to add a classic figurine to their collection! 

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      The Kotobukiya DC collection is one of Hobbyco’s most coveted selections. If you’re a fan of the Dark Knight and the other characters of Gotham City, check out Hobbyco’s picks today! Hobbyco is a hobbyist’s dream location, offering an excellent mix of modern and traditional products for children and adults alike. 

      What is Kotobukiya?

      Kotobukiya is an iconic toy and hobby company that designs and creates kits and ARTFX figurines that are made in Japan. The quality of its finished products is unmatched, which is what makes it such a popular brand. While a lot of collections are based on anime and manga, there are several collections from other pop culture shows and comics from around the world. 

      Which Kotobukiya DC Figures Does Hobbyco Sell?

      1/6 DC Comics Batman the Bronze Age Artfx Statue

      The Bat helped bring DC comics to the forefront of comic culture thanks to the monumental work of artist Neal Adams. His signature photorealism gave the series an impactful graphic style that has continued to educate and inspire artists across the globe. 

      This iconic Kotobukiya Batman figurine is based on Adams’ rendition of Batman to commemorate the Bronze Age of the comic book industry. Clad in his classic suit, complete with a utility belt, the figurine captures Batman getting ready at the Batcave before going into action. 

      1/7 DC Comics Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) Bishoujo Statue

      After making her first appearance in the 60s, Batgirl has become an important part of the Gotham universe. As a supporting character, she has garnered millions of fans thanks to her strong yet demure nature. This particular figurine is the first and original Barbara Gordan, daughter of Inspector Gordon. With her classic Batgirl leather outfit and stitched boots, she’s a statue you need to complete your Bat Family collection. 

      This Kotobukiya DC Batgirl collectible was sculpted by Ke(commakow) with incredible detailing on her modern suit. With a removable mask, you can show off this Bishoujo statue in two different ways. The statue comes in a 1/7 scale and can make a perfect addition to your showcase. 

      Does Hobbyco Sell Other Types of Kotobukiya? 

      Yes! Hobbyco stocks a variety of other Kotobukiya model kits and high-resin collectibles. 

      If you’re looking for more ARTFX statues in dynamic poses, like Kylo Ren from Star Wars or Hashira Shinobu from Demon Slayer, Hobbyco has beautifully recreated pieces of your favourite characters on our website.  

      Where Can I Buy Kotobukiya Batman Figures in Australia?

      For more Kotobukiya figures, check out the Hobbyco website to find your favourite characters. At Hobbyco, we’ve got a variety of games, model kits, paints and puzzles to entertain enthusiasts of all ages. Order our products online or come into our stores in Sydney to say hi! 

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