Kotobukiya Zoids


      Bring back the 80s by trying out one of Kotobukiya’s Zoid collectible model kits! Based on the anime, this series of high-end master models (HMM) are engaging toys that are perfect for someone looking for a big build. Zoids have a rich history and are amongst the most popular Kotobukiya lines. 

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      At Hobbyco, we stock a variety of Kotobukiya HMM Zoids that can be assembled and customised. Our selection features updated classics like the Liger Zero X and even customisation additions for your Zoids like the Gojulas cannon set. Take a look at our range today!

      What is Kotobukiya? 

      Kotobukiya is a popular Japanese toy line specialising in creating model kits and high-resin figurines. They supply high-quality assembly toys from franchises like Zoids to give their customers an engaging and fun kit-building experience. 

      Zoids first became popular in Japan due to their intricate details and storylines. They were a challenge to assemble and fun to play with, thanks to their movable joints and different pose options. After making the decision to market it in the US, the model kits also took off amongst other age groups. 

      Anything robot-related was gaining traction due to many of the technological advancements taking place at the time. This made Zoids a hot commodity due to their futuristic designs. As the years went by, Kotobukiya Zoids became licensed by TOMY toys as an HMM, and the rest is history.  

      Which Kotobukiya Zoid Figures Does Hobbyco Sell?

      Hobbyco rotates our stock between a variety of Zoids, and these are our current favourites: 

      Does Hobbyco Sell Other Types of Kotobukiya? 

      Yes! Hobbyco has a number of options depending on your Kotobukiya style. If you’re not looking for the conventional Kotobukiya that you can build yourself, we have ARTFX figurines from franchises such as:

      • Kotobukiya DC 

      If you’re a fan of the Dark Knight and the DC universe, you’ll love these ARTFX figures. While they don’t need to be assembled like the Zoids, they are still great additions to your collection. Some of them do come with removable parts, like the Batgirl ARTFX

      • Kotobukiya Star Wars

      Choose dynamic ARTFX+ characters from the Star Wars series like Kylo Ren and Boba Fett. These figurines include carefully recreated distressed outfits, blasters and even Kylo’s lightsaber!

      Where Can I Buy Kotobukiya Zoids Figures in Australia?

      If you’re looking for original Kotobukiya HMM Zoids in Australia, Hobbyco is the place to go. We showcase our range of Zoid characters and accessories on our website, and you can place your orders online to have them delivered straight to your doorstep. If you’d like to pick it up in person, come on down to one of our stores in Sydney. 

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