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      What is Nanoblock?

      Meet Nanoblock, the first little construction blocks from Japan. Nanoblocks are just 1/8 the size of the commercially available sets of standard building toy bricks.

      For anyone between the ages of 8 and 80 who have outgrown their child-sized building blocks and are looking for a fresh and engrossing challenge, Nanoblock is a fantastic pastime, toy, puzzle, and collectable gift. Each set includes extra blocks in case you lose some as well as simple colour instructions. Each Nanoblock construction kit fosters and improves fine motor skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities.

      Every model of the premium, high-quality Japanese brand Nanoblock is meticulously created in their Tokyo headquarters by Nanoblock experts.

      Nanoblock may provide a finer degree of detail on your completed designs than is feasible with conventionally sized construction bricks since its smallest block only measures 4 mm by 4 mm. Due to their miniature size, completed Nanoblock building block sets are wonderful collectibles to show off at home or on your desk. The innovative microarchitecture of each nano building block enables simple connection and disconnecting of blocks, so constructing with Nanoblocks is simple.

      You'll soon be on your way to creating your own nano micro block empire with over 300 designs to construct and collect! Explore the whole Nanoblock world, which spans from the deep sea to outer space and all in between, by browsing by theme.

      There are several various-sized collections of Nanoblock small building blocks, including the entry-level "Mini Collection," the bigger "Sights to See," our more difficult "Challenger series," and our largest and most challenging models in the "Deluxe Collection."

      Watch as dinosaurs, Pokemon characters, historical places, and musical instruments come to life right under your fingertips. There is something here for everyone, no matter what their interests are!

      Nanoblock Australia

      Want to assemble some Australian icons? Do it with Nanoblock!

      The Flinders Street railway station is situated in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia's CBD, at the intersection of Flinders and Swanston streets. The historic station, which opened in 1854, provides connection to all of the metropolitan rail network as well as some rural trains to eastern Victoria. The complex, which backs against the Yarra River in the centre of the city, consists of platforms and buildings that span over two full city blocks, from east of Swanston Street to Market Street. Put it together yourself with the Nanoblock Flinders Street Station set!

      In Melbourne, the capital of the Australian state of Victoria, trams constitute a vital part of the public transportation system. The Melbourne tramway system has 493 trams, 24 routes, 1,763 tram stops, and 250 km of double track as of May 2017. The system has the world's largest functioning urban tram network. With 206 million passenger journeys in 2017–18, trams were the second most utilised mode of public transportation overall in Melbourne, after the commuter train system. Want to have one of these Melbourne icons fit on your desk? Get a Nanoblock Melbourne Tram now!

      Nanoblock Animals

      Animal lover? Make your favourite critters with Nanoblocks! We have a huge range, check out a few below. 

      Humpback whales are a kind of baleen whale. They are rorquals, which belong to the Balaenopteridae family. With their large pectoral fins and knobby head, the humpback whale has a unique body structure. They are well-liked by whale watchers because of their reputation for breaching and other unusual surface movements. Males often create a complicated tune that lasts 4 to 33 minutes. Adults may weigh up to 40 metric tonnes and measure between 14 and 17m. Not the Nanoblock Humpback Whale, though! This is a tiny little version that you can keep comfortably in your home, without the need for an aquarium.

      After something with a little more bite? Get yourself a Nanoblock Tyrannosaurus Rex! One of the most well-known theropod species, these giants lived on the ancient island continent of Laramidia, which is now western North America. It was one of the final non-avian dinosaurs to survive before the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction disaster and the last tyrannosaurid known to exist.

      Crocodiles are basically the last existing dinosaurs, and you can get one of them in Nanoblock form too. Crocodiles have small legs with clawed webbed toes, strong jaws, and numerous conical teeth. They have a distinctive body shape that enables the animal's eyes, ears, and nose to be seen above the water's surface while the rest of it is submerged. The skin is thick and plated, and the tail is lengthy and huge. The Nanoblock Crocodile isn’t half as scary though!

      Nanoblock Deluxe

      We offer the Nanoblock Deluxe Series to lovers of Nanoblock who are looking for a better, more intricate construction experience. With more than 1000 distinct parts in each set, the builder may produce magnificent models with an advanced degree of detail. Check out the Nanoblock Pirate Ship Deluxe, Nanoblock Himeji Castle Deluxe, and heaps more!