Saturn V Rocket

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On 16 July 1969 at 9.32 a.m. at Cape Canaveral, the most important journey in the history of mankind was launched! With its crew of three - the astronauts N. Armstrong, E. Aldrin, and M. Collins -  the giant Saturn V rocket took off on its 394,000 km, 72 hour mission to the Moon. The Saturn V consisted of three main stages, was 110 m high and weighed 3,000 tons. It could carry a payload of 50 tons and reach a speed of 11.2 km/second.

This impressive 1:96 scale kit enables you to build an accurate and highly detailed 1.14 m tall replica of the Saturn V.

Contents include:
- Parts for model Saturn V
- Launch platform with supports
- Power stage with 5 detailed thrusters
- Printed tubular parts made of thin polystyrene strips
- Engine cowling
- 2nd rocket stage with 5 thrusters
- Intermediate ring with fire protection wall
- 3-rocket stage with thrust nozzle and helium ball containers
- Detailed Lunar Module
- 1 astronaut
- Separate upper stage of the Lunar Module
- Lunar Module protective cover with transparent part for viewing
- Service module with thrust nozzle and control nozzles
- Command capsule with interior and astronaut figure
- Life-rocket at the top
- Optional moon display plate for the various operational phases of the Apollo mission

For children over 8 years of age only! For use under adult supervision. 
WARNING! Adhesive containing solvent and water-soluble paints included. Read the instructions before use, follow them and keep for reference.

SKU RK03704
Brand Revell

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