GUNDAM - Master Grade


      Putting together a Gundam MG is the perfect test for Gundam and model kit building enthusiasts alike. If you’re looking to improve your skills and concentration, check out Hobbyco’s range of MG Gundam products.

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      What Does MG Mean In Gundam?

      When speaking about Gundam or Gunpla, the term ‘MG’ refers to the grade of the model, which in this case is Master Grade. 

      The other grades of Gundam include Super Deformed (SD), Real Grade (RG), High Grade (MG) and Perfect Grade (PG).

      Grades are important because they provide valuable information on how difficult a Gunpla is to put together. The higher the grade, the greater the number of pieces included in the kit and the longer you can expect to spend putting it together. 

      Another factor that distinguishes Master Grade Gundams from other types of Gunpla is the level of detail when it comes to decoration. While Hobbyco does sell a range of paint kits to help embellish finished Gunpla, this isn’t always necessary when building a Master Grade kit. 

      MG Gundam usually come with high-quality decals that can be easily applied to authentically replicate your favourite characters.   

      While MG Gundams do take a little extra time and effort, the payoff is certainly worth it — particularly for Gundam super-fans who are looking to recreate the Gundam universe in as much detail as possible.

      How Hard Is A Master Grade Gundam?

      As the name suggests, a Master Grade Gundam is a complex model to put together. 

      The difficulty of a Gundam has nothing to do with the size and everything to do with the grade — although the two do sometimes go hand in hand. When compared with a simpler model, like a Real Grade Gundam, an MG Gundam is likely to have many more intricate pieces that take real skill and time to put together.

      With that in mind, Master Grade Gundam tend to be slightly more expensive than their simpler counterparts.

      If you’ve never put a Gunpla together before, it may not be the best idea to start with a Master Grade model. There’s a chance you might get pretty frustrated and not enjoy the experience of putting your model kit together. 

      However, if you’ve been building Gunpla for a little while now and are looking to take your skills to the next level, a Master Grade model might be exactly the challenge you’re looking for. Try one of our most popular models, the MG Gundam Dynames, to see what we mean. 

      Spend some time browsing the range of Gundam models available at Hobbyco and be sure to ask our customer service team if you have any questions.  

      Shop For MG Gundam At Hobbyco!

      If you’re keen to test your Gundam model kit building skills, look no further than a MG Gundam from Hobbyco.

      Our product line includes a comprehensive range of Gundam MG kits perfect for experienced hobby enthusiasts. What’s more, we also offer a range of tools, paint sets, and accessories to help make the process of building your Gunpla as simple and enjoyable as possible.

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