The best kinds of toys are both fun and facilitate learning — the latter of which should occur without kids even realising it! 

      These days, countless toys are available that teach children essential STEAM skills across science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. By providing your kids with suitable toys, you can inspire a love of learning and set them up for success later on in life.

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      Browse the complete range of STEAM toys available at Hobbyco today.

      What Does STEAM Stand for?

      STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. It is an innovative teaching approach that seeks to blend together all five of these core disciplines to create a holistic educational experience. 

      By comprehensively integrating the different areas of study and providing interactive learning experiences through play, STEAM education enables learners to develop a multifaceted understanding of any subject matter. 

      STEAM toys can promote out-of-the-box thinking and creativity in kids, helping them to develop critical life skills while having fun!

      What Are STEM Toys?

      STEM toys have become increasingly popular as a fun way to foster critical thinking skills and an understanding of crucial learning areas that are often overlooked as boring or too difficult.

      You may have also heard of STEAM toys, which are much the same with the addition of arts-based games designed to foster creativity. 

      STEM toys range from basic building blocks to solar-powered robots — they may take the form of games, experiments, projects or activities, all of which require problem-solving. With interactive learning experiences, kids can engage their curiosity while developing vital life skills related to critical thinking and creativity. 

      Ultimately, playing with STEM toys is an effective method of sparking interest in STEM fields — making them the perfect choice for inquisitive minds searching for opportunities for learning and fun!

      What Are 4M Toys?

      4M toys are a great way to introduce children to the wonderful world of science and technology. Each toy encourages imagination, experimentation and hands-on learning — in other words: fun! 

      With 4M toys, children can explore topics like biology, chemistry, engineering or physics with thoroughly creative activities that stimulate their minds. Whether creating custom Smart Circuits or using a Crystal Growing Kit, these interactive experiences will help your little ones learn through play. 

      The good news is that Hobbyco stocks a comprehensive range of 4M toys as part of our STEAM toys collection. Check out the complete collection online today.

      What Are KidzLabs Toys?

      KidzLabs Toys supply fun, interactive kits that teach children crucial STEM skills. From designing your very own chess set to exploring science in the kitchen, there’s something for curious learners of all ages. 

      Each KidzLabs kit comes with detailed instructions and plenty of supplies, including motors, LED lights, and batteries, allowing kids to complete their projects as independently as possible. 

      KidzLabs Toys are an excellent way for children to have fun while also learning valuable skills in science, technology, engineering and maths that they can use both now and later in life.

      Shop for 4M and STEAM Toys at Hobbyco

      If you’re searching for toys that are tons of fun with the added advantage of encouraging your children to explore the worlds of science, technology, and engineering, check out the range of 4M toys and STEAM toys available at Hobbyco.

      From children’s science kits to painting sets, there’s a toy to inspire a love of learning in every child. Browse the complete collection of STEAM toys available on our website or in-store today.

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