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      Looking for a simple and fun way to try out Gundam model kit building? You’ve come to the right place. An NG Gundam is the perfect introduction to the world of Gunpla, and Hobbyco has everything you need to get started on this exciting journey.

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      What Is Gundam No Grade?

      The first thing you need to know about Gundam plastic models — also known as ‘Gunpla’ — is that they are available in different ‘grades.’ The term grades refer to the level of difficulty one can expect to encounter putting the model kit together. 

      Understanding grades is important because it ensures you purchase a kit appropriate to your skill level. While assembling models can be lots of fun, the process is considerably less entertaining if you purchase a kit suited for someone with a little more experience than you possess.

      Before purchasing a Gundam model kit, it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the different grade levels.

      The most common Gunpla grades are Entry Grade, Real Grade, High Grade, and Master Grade, all of which are available at Hobbyco. In addition, there are a few other categories of Gunpla that are less common but just as fun. No Grade is one of these.

      In 1980, Bandai released the very first Mobile Suit Gundam Model Series kits. These were radically different to the Gunpla you can expect to purchase today, requiring glue and paint to assemble. While these model kits may not be as lifelike or require the same level of skill to put together, Bandai routinely re-releases Gunpla from this series for nostalgic fans. These kits are referred to as ‘No Grade’ as they bear little resemblance to the new products on the market.

      Any other type of Gunpla from the last forty years that is re-released may also fall under this category.

      Hobbyco offers a wide variety of Gundam No Grade for fans keen to capture their own piece of history.

      What Is NG In Gunpla?

      The acronym ‘NG’ is short for ‘No Grade.’ If you see these letters on the box or in the description of a Gunpla, you know that you are looking at a Gundam No Grade.

      All the Gundam grades follow the same formula. ‘MG,’ for example, refers to Master Grade. Familiarise yourself with the different categories of Gundam plastic model kits by checking out the many Gunpla available at Hobbyco.

      What Is The Lowest Gunpla Grade?

      The lowest Gunpla grade is ‘SD’ or ‘Super Deformed.’ 

      As the name suggests, Super Deformed Gunpla tend to have odd proportions and are not aiming for the same level of realism as other Gundam grades. Super Deformed Gunpla are generally extremely easy to put together, making them a perfect gift for children. 

      Due to the fact they have fewer parts, they’re also usually a fair bit cheaper than other Gunpla kits.

      If you’re looking to just tip your toe in the world of Gundam, a Super Deformed Gunpla could be the perfect option. 

      Shop For NG Gundam At Hobbyco!

      Hobbyco is proud to offer a comprehensive range of NG Gundam for Gunpla enthusiasts of all ages. 

      A No Grade Gundam is a fun and accessible way to start your model kit making journey without the pressure of having to work with many tiny pieces. 

      To learn more about the grades of Gundam, browse our range of products online or speak to our friendly customer service team today.

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