Gundam is an incredibly popular Japanese media franchise that started out as an anime before expanding into other forms of entertainment. Since the very first Gundam episode aired all the way back in 1979, the universe has grown to include TV series, films, video animations, manga, novels, video games, and the very popular range of plastic model kits known as Gunpla.

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      If you’re a fan of Gundam, you probably know all about Gunpla — the popular plastic model kits that enable you to recreate your favourite Gundam characters. Hobbyco is your one-stop shop for Gunpla kits and accessories, including Gundam decals, to help take your model kit to the next level.

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      What Are Gundam Decals?

      Gundams are described as large, two-legged humanoid creatures that are controlled from a cockpit by a human pilot. There are various grades of Gundam, and the characters’ capabilities have evolved over time as timelines intersected and expanded.

      In the original series, Gundams were designed as massive weapons of war, equipped with powerful energy weapons and armour that made them nearly impervious to attack. However, over the years, the franchise has evolved, and Gundams have come to be seen as more than just massive machines of destruction. They are now often portrayed as protectors of peace, using their great power to defend those who cannot defend themselves. 

      The popularity of Gundam is matched only by the love that people have for the Gunpla model kits. These kits enable Gundam enthusiasts to recreate their favourite vehicles and characters from the show in a very realistic manner.

      Hobbyco stocks a broad range of Gunpla products for everyone, from experienced model kit builders to complete beginners. If you want to make your Gunpla as realistic as possible, you need to invest in Gundam decals.

      These stickers are designed to decorate specific Gunpla models and can be used alongside paint sets to really bring your Gunpla to life. 

      How Do You Put A Sticker On A Gundam?

      Your Gundam decal pack will come with full instructions on how to apply the stickers to ensure you get the visual results you’re after.

      There are different types of Gundam decals. Some are like regular stickers and can just be peeled from their backing. Others require you to cut the decal using a sharp blade. There are also stickers known as ‘water slide decals’ that must be submerged in water before being carefully removed from the backing and applied to the Gunpla.

      Regardless of what type of Gundam decal you are using, you will likely need a pair of tweezers to carefully place the sticker in the correct position. You may also require additional hobby supplies, all of which can be purchased right here at Hobbyco!

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      If you’re searching for Gundam stickers, you’ve come to the right place! Hobbyco supplies a comprehensive range of Gundam decals to help you bring your favourite Gunpla characters to life.

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